Well, The Tokyo Train-Stabber Did Have a Point

I’m not saying I support it.

But I understand. 


The man who is suspected of stabbing 10 people on a high-speed train in Tokyo on Friday night has admitted to having dreamt of killing women and wanting to murder as many as possible, reports say.

“I have been wanting to kill happy-looking women for the past six years. Anyone would have been OK,” said the suspect, Yusuke Tsushima, 36, Japanese media reported, citing police sources. 

Tsushima was further quoted as saying that he had chosen a rapid express Odakyu Electric Railway train because the passengers would have “no space to flee” due to longer time periods between stops.

According to reports, Tsushima was suspected of shoplifting from a Tokyo grocery store and a female shop worker alerted the police. The man was quoted as telling the police that he had originally wanted to return to the store and murder the staffer, but since it was closed, he decided to kill people on a train.

Tsushima was charged with the attempted murder of a 20-year-old female university student, who is in critical condition after sustaining multiple wounds to her back and chest. Other commuters – four women and five men – were also injured in the rampage.

After fleeing the crime scene, Tsushima was arrested later that night at a convenience store, the police were quoted as saying. A store clerk called the police, saying that the man told him he was “tired of fleeing,” according to Kyodo News.

In the world of virus masks, anyone is likely to lose it.

Feminism might not be the plague it is in the Western World in Japan, but you still have these sluts running around so smug and happy as they push forward with their brutal virus agenda.

You can’t expect anyone in society to ever feel empathy when they are forced to cover their faces, and everyone else is covering their faces. This is now monster world.

We’re all monsters here.

You can for sure expect more heavy stabbings in the pipeline.

Really, I’m fine with that, as long as happy women are the target.

Not so happy with a knife in your back, are you!!!???