“Well, First of All … The Trial is Stupid” -Marco Rubio on Impeachment

The first time Marco made me chuckle

Marco Rubio made me chuckle once. I would never have expected him to make me chuckle again before he inevitably gets caught in a compromising position in a hotel with methamphetamine and a gay porn star.

But he did.

NBC News:

Several Republican senators Sunday discouraged suggestions that the chamber could convict former President Donald Trump in his impeachment trial.

“Well first of all, I think the trial is stupid,” Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., said on “Fox News Sunday.” “I think it’s counterproductive. We already have a flaming fire in this country, and [impeachment is] taking a bunch of gasoline and pouring it on top of the fire.”

Rubio said that he believes Trump “bears responsibility for some of what happened” during the deadly riot at the U.S. Capitol this month but that he does not believe impeachment is the right way to address the matter. He also said it would be “arrogant” to say Trump should be barred from running for federal office again.

“The first chance I get to vote to end this trial, I will do it, because I think it’s bad for America,” he said. “If you want to hold people accountable, there’s other ways to do it, particularly for a president.”

Rubio said a trial will “make it harder to get important things done, and it’s just going to continue to fuel these divisions that have paralyzed the country and have turned us into a country of people that hate each other.”

I could have done without the “I think.” It should have been a definitive statement.

It’s stupid in several different ways. One that many aren’t noticing is that it’s stupid in that it’s already decided. There is no way for Trump to not be convicted.

Then, that will serve as part of the basis for criminal action against him.

Julian Assange was asked why he never published any dirt on Trump, and he answered “because there isn’t any.”

A group of Jews with limitless funding during the Robert Mueller Sanhedrin spent years going through every element of his life, and didn’t find anything to prosecute him on.

But they’re going to prosecute him for this riot, after the impeachment. That is the purpose of all of what is happening right now.

He obviously did instigate the riot. However, the police let people into the building itself. He didn’t tell people to enter. But he did use words like “fight” and so on.

But listen: no judge is going to let him off, anymore than the Democrats would let him off.

He should have already left the country. I hope he has left the country. The last thing any of us need to see is the big guy disheveled and unshaven in an orange jumpsuit and handcuffs. That would no doubt cause some people to kill themselves, and cause a lot of people to just give up.

We need to see him smiling with Vladimir Putin, saying the US government is a scam, and then just relaxing – maybe if he has some way to access the internet, posting an inspirational video once a month, telling people to “keep up the fight.”

His wife speaks Russian, so it’s not a huge deal.

I mean, it’s a huge deal, but he can live out the rest of his life in comfort… I mean, at least if Russia doesn’t have a CIA-backed revolution, I guess – which there’s about a 50/50 chance of.

What a horrible waste.