Well, At Least the Daily Mail Investigates Things

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 27, 2017

People are making fun of the Daily Mail over the above thing that happened with them on Twitter.

But I’d just like to say: well, at least the Daily Mail investigates things.

The Washington Post and the New York Times just hire guys who weren’t good enough to get jobs writing for an HBO series to write low-quality political fan fiction.

If the Daily Mail prints fake news, it’s because someone on Twitter tricked them. They didn’t just make it up on purpose.

The real question here is: why did @drewtoothpaste go through the trouble of photoshopping this and then admit it was photoshopped when the Daily Mail was about to run it?

Is he working as an agent of the Washington Post?

He sure looks like he would be.

He is also a bad person.

Saying “K. Thor just released a new great comic” is about like saying “Pavement just a released a new album and it is the wowest.”

Saying shit that sucked a while ago is cool now because it used to suck is the reason people hate hipsters. Hipsters are evil.

Fucking evil retard, @drewtoothpaste.

Learn some goddamn respect for real journalists.

People also hate hipsters because their humor is as dated as a childless 35-year-old woman, and doesn’t funny anymore.

@drewtoothpaste should go get a job at Encyclopedia Dramatica. With that level of bantz, they’ll make him sysadmin.

UPDATE: HAHAHAHA – He deleted the tweet promoting the Kthor comic! Out of embarrassment! Because he got called out by Neo-Nazis for being the absolute worst form of soulless hipster insect!

I don’t have a real screenshot, but I have this, the trace from the embed after deletion:

This is what he was linking to – Kthor!

Drew Toothpaste is evil!

He makes a living off of teespring, and he is fat!

He gets bullied by Nazis into changing his literary tastes!

Drew Toothpaste is everything wrong with Western civilization!

Go ask him for proof of gas chambers at Auschwitz, and report him to Teespring for promoting Kthor books! Also, selling a shirt that says it is $100 for $23.99 isn’t just not funny – it’s false advertising and a violation of Teespring’s ToS.

I got kicked off of Teespring for much less!