Welcome to George Floyd Square

Whites have already been dehumanized to the point where a large percentage of whites themselves believe they deserve to be killed.

The narrative has now become that white people exist exclusively for the purpose of serving the black race. We are no longer human beings, but objects to be used to further the racial agenda of the blacks.

This underlying narrative is much more important than any specific event. The underlying will to live has already been broken in a percentage of white people, and when the mass slaughter starts, many whites will feel as though they deserve it.

The attacks on Tucker Carlson prove this. All he has ever said is “but maybe whites are human beings and don’t deserve to be killed?”, and that has been placed on the level of neo-Nazi extremism.

With the Biden Administration ramping things up, ready to institutionalize into law the dehumanization of white people, it is only a matter of time before blacks start killing whites at the same rate they are currently killing other blacks.

Whites who fight back will be punished.

Statistically, you personally are not likely to be murdered. It’s not going to be an outright genocide. It will simply be something on probably a similar scale to what we see in the black community right now, where there are multiple daily murders, maybe dozens per week in major cities, but they will be whites instead of blacks.

The main thing that we will experience as individuals is a rise in fear, where we do not any longer feel safe in our homes, or out in public, and feel that we could at any moment be murdered.

Probably, as this develops, the government will begin to use Virus Law to prevent people from fleeing the cities.