Weird Trey Gowdy is Back, Now Looks Like Lesbian Seagull

We all thought Trey Gowdy had died.

But he’s back.

Not to talk about the lockdown, but to stir up hatred for the Chinese.

Fox News, where he appeared with Jesse Watters, is now just a 24/7 “war with China” channel. Gowdy appeared to talk about the now popular conspiracy theory that the coronavirus is a bioweapon that escaped from a Chinese laboratory.

Apparently, just as the virus has gotten huge amounts of traction as a universal reason to do anything, China is getting traction as a boogieman. I haven’t seen this level of hatred since 911, and the whole thing is just nonsensical.

What did China even do? I mean, seriously, I know people hate the Chinese just because they eat dogs and are too loud in public places – and, in particular, they spit in elevators – but what did they do? They didn’t come to America and steal our factories, the American government effectively mandated that they be moved there by making it so you would go out of business if you didn’t move there.

Just so, they didn’t make us allow planes to come in from Wuhan, the US government decided not to shut down those flights.

As far as them having secret knowledge of the virus – what even is this narrative? I don’t grasp it. They announced that they were shutting down a city because of a coronavirus they thought was going to be dangerous. They published all of their research on it, they invited WHO to come to view what was happening. What is the claim?

American boomers created an economy that was not sustainable. You can’t have an economy based on debt and people selling each other foreign products and expect that to be sustainable indefinitely.

We should push for bringing back the manufacturing industry from China, and we should leave it there. This idea of Chinese – COMMUNIST CHINA – as a villain is low IQ nonsense. The virus isn’t even a problem, it is just the flu. We made the decision to shut down our entire country and collapse the economy. The Chinese didn’t make that decision. In fact, the Chinese didn’t do it themselves – they only closed one single city, when the virus had first emerged and people didn’t understand how benign it was.

I’m not going to defend the Chinese. I’ve seen too many Chinese people spit in elevators for me to ever defend the Chinese. But we as Americans have absolutely nothing to gain by going to war with China, and that is where this all appears to be going. They would have to have a draft, hundreds of thousands of Americans would die, and when it was over you would no longer have the Chinese preventing total Jewish domination of the globe.