Weird Satanic Crap: Plastic Zombie Doll Megan Fox and Tattooed Drug Freak are New Hetero Norm

These are recent images from “American culture”:

What is that, you ask?

It is failed actress Megan Fox, 35, and failed musician Machine Gun Kelly, 31, who are making up for their professional failure with a satanic performance art display at the recent Billboard Music Awards.

It is also the closest you’re going to get to heterosexuality in American popular culture in 2021: the ultimate bimbo plastic surgery slut and the drugged out tattooed skinny freak.

Note that they are not wearing masks and are at a public event. The event was held at the – wait for it – Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles. Attendees were required to show proof of vaccination, and only the celebrities were allowed to go maskless.

The Microsoft Theater is the ugliest building you’ve ever seen in your life – a literal blight upon the land.

The sponsor of this event, which you can see on the signs behind these two freaks, was Security Benefit – a Jewish banking operation run by the infamous Guggenheim family.

Billboard itself is of course run by the Jews.

This is who is controlling and organizing our cultural icons. These icons are what drives the masses of people. They copy what they see. Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly are serving the role that ancient gods served before they were replaced by Christian Saints.

The masses of people will always follow whatever is put out as the example of normal culture.

From ancient tribal times up until the last century, the ruling elite felt a need to give positive role models to the people. Now, of course, the elite are Jews – and you see the role models they give you.

Megan Fox was married for ten years after dating the same man since she was 18.

She had three kids with him.

She broke the marriage off last year, due I’m sure to boredom, and started dating this tattoo freak druggie.

Where are her kids?

Who knows!

She was actually quite cute before her weird and very bad plastic surgery.

She also promotes lesbianism.

This is what is happening: everyone is being bullied into becoming a homosexual. Those who do not become homosexuals have role models like Megan and Machine Gun.

Everything is getting very dark.