Weinstein Trial: Prosecutors Claim They Need More White Women on the Jury!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 18, 2020


I thought a jury was supposed to be made up of your peers.

But apparently I made a common mistake in thinking that. It is, in fact, supposed to be made up of the peers of your victims.

New York Times:

Half of the 12 jurors selected this week in the rape trial of Harvey Weinstein share something with him: They are white men; some well-heeled. A seventh is a black man. The remaining five are women.

But prosecutors raised one problem as the jury was picked. For a while, the panel had no white women, even though the majority of Mr. Weinstein’s accusers are from that demographic. In the end, two white women were selected as the final two jurors, but only after the defense had run out of challenges.

“They are systematically eliminating every young white woman on this jury,” the lead prosecutor, Joan Illuzzi, said in court on Thursday afternoon. She renewed the same protest vigorously on Friday, noting the defense had objected to “every single white woman.”

The full jury was seated on Friday afternoon, ending an arduous two-week process and setting the stage for opening statements and testimony to start next week. Over the last two days, Mr. Weinstein’s lawyers successfully used their right to reject a number of possible jurors for no reason to limit the white women on the panel, prosecutors said.

Ms. Illuzzi did not say in court why having few young white women on the jury would be problematic for the prosecution, but the district attorney’s office appeared to be operating on the theory that such jurors were likely to be sympathetic to Mr. Weinstein’s accusers.

The case against Mr. Weinstein hinges almost entirely on whether the jury believes two women who say that he sexually assaulted them, or accepts his lawyers’ contention that the encounters were consensual. The accusers did not report the sexual assaults to law enforcement for years, and some kept in touch with Mr. Weinstein after the incidents.

Defense lawyers said their resistance to seating certain people had to do with their responses on a questionnaire, which, in their minds, raised doubts about whether the prospective jurors could be fair. Mr. Weinstein’s lead lawyer, Donna Rotunno, said the challenges “had nothing to do with race or sex, frankly.”

Prosecutors and criminal defense lawyers say that trials are often won or lost in jury selection, as lawyers for both sides maneuver to seat people they feel they can persuade.

Harvey Weinstein did not rape anyone. He is a fat, weak Jew who does not have the upper body strength necessary to rape a woman.


Actual rape is impossible without punching a woman in the face and forcing her to release her clamped legs, because women have strong leg muscles and can protect their vaginas from intrusion.

Anyone who has had any normal sexual experience is aware of this fact: if your girlfriend is laying in bed and is mad at you and being a feminist bitch and refusing to have sex, it is completely impossible to force her legs apart for long enough for the old in-out, in-out.

This is why victims of actual rape – which is done on the streets by blacks and Moslems, not in fancy hotel rooms by fat, rich Jews – look like this after the event:

Because you’re not going to pry her legs apart and get your torso between them for long enough. She will pull up her knees and twist.

So, if the woman has no physical injuries, the only other explanation is that the rapist held up a knife or gun and forced her to open her legs that way.

I am not being purposefully crude here, I’m just telling you that rape is a hoax. It virtually never happens in real life. And when it does happen, it is basically always nonwhites. Moslems are often in a group, and work together to hold the woman down. Blacks will use a gun. Both usually punch the woman in the face. Double black eyes are a standard marker of an actual rape.

Harvey Weinstein Didn’t Rape Anyone

All that Harvey did was offer women career advancement in exchange for sex. You can argue that this is immoral, but it isn’t illegal.

Harvey should not be prosecuted for rape. This is a gigantic hoax, which is why the prosecutors are trying to stack the jury with emotional women.

This whole thing is designed to distract from the fact that Harvey Weinstein should be aggressively prosecuted for all of those movies he made, including and especially for Good Will Hunting.

Harvey’s true crimes make rape look like paddy cakes.

Also, Cider House Rules is even worse.

A film which encourages women to have abortions. And makes abortion romantic.

The World According to Harvey: Harvey Weinstein’s impression of a woman and her boyfriend on the way to the abortion clinic.

And Spy Kids. A movie which encourages children to become spies.

Furthermore, Harvey also made a bunch of tranny films and other gay shit.

Every single movie he’s made has been a crime against humanity.