Weinstein Company in Talks to Sell its Assets

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
October 17, 2017

The Weinstein Company’s brand has been permanently damaged and now they’re looking to sell.

It looks as if the sex scandal surrounding the Jew Harvey Weinstein is going to sink the entire film company he and his brother Bob Weinstein founded. They are currently in talks to sell the company’s assets to a private equity firm.


The Weinstein Company has entered talks to sell the bulk of its assets to private equity firm Colony Capital, the companies said on Monday, as the film production company looks for stability after firing co-founder Harvey Weinstein.

Co-Chairman Bob Weinstein, Harvey’s brother and fellow co-founder, on Friday had denied the firm was seeking to sell or shut down following Harvey Weinstein’s dismissal after a number of women went public to accuse him of sexually harassing or assaulting them over the past three decades.

Colony Capital, which has about $20 billion in assets under management, will provide an immediate capital infusion into The Weinstein Co and is in talks to buy all or a significant portion of its assets, the companies said in a statement.

The Weinstein Co confirmed its board is to meet on Tuesday. No further details of the meeting were available. The board has shrunk to only three people following the resignation and departure of five others in the wake of the accusations against Weinstein, trade publication Deadline reported over the weekend.

What’s crazy is how fast all of this has happened. A few weeks ago this fat Jew was one of the biggest power players in Hollywood. Now, he’s out of a job and the company he helped build is getting bought out. It looks as if this is the only option for the company. People have been quitting left and right including members of its board of directors.

At this point, nobody in the industry is going to want to have anything to do with a company that has the name “Weinstein” in it. The brand has been permanently damaged. When you think of the name “Weinstein” the first thing anyone thinks of now is some fat kike jerking off in front of women.

This news is only going to further embolden the Hollywood sluts who destroyed Weinstein. Even though it was common knowledge that actresses had to fuck or suck their way to get coveted film roles, that’s not going to stop all of these 30 and 40 something year old actresses from claiming victim status. Countless numbers of these whores are going to claim that they were harassed, abused or raped even if they willingly fucked some Jew film executive to get a role. Women love to pretend that they’ve been victimized in order to gain attention. With this story they get to claim victim status while gaining national media attention. Why wouldn’t they do this?

Look at this tweet from Alyssa Milano. It’s already starting to happen.

Hopefully these whores accuse every Jewish executive in Hollywood of doing all sorts of improper and bad things. All of this is going to help shine more light on what a filthy and degenerate cesspool Hollywood is.

And make no mistake about it, Hollywood has always been a cesspit.

Look at this filth they made with Shirley Temple back in the 1930s. Try and tell me with a straight face that this film wasn’t made for pedophiles.

And here’s more disturbing content featuring Temple with a large group of grown men.

Hopefully these crazy skanks help bring down the entire Jew Hollywood system. It would be quite fitting if they did.

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