Weinstein Accuser Rose McGowan Arrested – Could be Jailed

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
November 15, 2017

Maybe you should have thought of that before messing with the kikes!

Rose McGowan is one of the Hollywhores who set this whole jerkoff-gate thing in motion a few weeks ago by accusing Weinstein of giving her money in exchange for sex.

Now, she’s mysteriously being targeted by police for doing cocaine, which is hilarious. I mean, I doubt there’s many people in Hollywood who aren’t doing cocaine. This is the sort of thing you’re supposed to be able to get away with when you’re a famous millionaire.

Right? Am I missing something here?

It would appear as if the Jews may have started their backlash against the thots revealing all their dirty little secrets.


Rose McGowan turned herself into cops in Virginia where she was arrested for an outstanding warrant for possession of cocaine.

Back in January, cops say they found a few small bags of cocaine in a wallet McGowan had left behind at the airport. A felony warrant was issued last month for her arrest, and the actress surrendered Tuesday to the Sheriff’s Department in Loudoun County, Virginia.

After cops snapped her mug shot, Rose was released on a $5,000 bond.

Is it me, or does she look like a gremlin?

She faces up to a year in prison if convicted. Shortly after news of the warrant came out, Rose made it clear the case wouldn’t stop her from speaking out against Harvey Weinstein and supporting victims of sexual misconduct.

I couldn’t find whether the arrest warrant was issued before or after she had gone public with the Weinstein accusations, but either way it couldn’t have been very far apart. Weinstein was presumably aware she was involved with Farrow’s article – he hired the Mossad to track her. So it’s entirely possible that these things are related.

Even if there’s absolutely no connection, everyone will think there is, which makes it just as great for us. Normies are solidly on the side of the Hollywhores on this one, and any perceived persecution or backlash on the part of these Jew producers, even if imaginary, is going to stoke the flames of popular outrage against them.