Weev Says Wikileaks is Compromised, Entrapped Donald Trump Jr.

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 16, 2017

During the campaign, Donald Trump, Jr. was communicating with the Wikileaks Twitter account. Allegedly, Chuck Johnson hooked them up with each other.

During those exchanges, Wikileaks told Don to login to an anti-Trump website, giving him the password, which they had allegedly guessed.

Here’s the exchange, which was released by the government after it was subpoenaed from Twitter:

As weev correctly outlines, accessing a site with a guessed password violates CFAA, which is what weev himself was prosecuted under.

“Illegally accessing a protected computer” they call it.

There is a relatively good chance that Don is going to get prosecuted for this. Because this is a textbook violation of that particular federal law.

So the big takeaway here is that Wikileaks must be compromised, because there is no way Wikileaks didn’t know this was illegal.

This doesn’t implicate Julian Assange in any way here – he’s locked up in an embassy with some dumb skank in charge of everything. But the fact of Wikileaks – one of the single most important actors in the global situation – setting up Donald Trump’s son for a federal lawsuit is a major issue.

Robert Mueller has already arrested one guy. And he’s probably planning on arresting General Flynn next. Don getting arrested would be a much more massive event, and something they’re likely to draw out, but based on this exchange, it is virtually certain that this is coming.