Weev on Net Neutrality

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 22, 2017

Net neutrality is going to be ended by the Trump Administration.

The left is confused as to whether Google and other multinational tech conglomerates are evil or the arbiters of morality who should have infinity power to decide what people are and are not allowed to think and feel.

LA Times:

Black Friday is still a couple of days away, but the Trump administration already has handed out gifts to the telecom industry.

The Republican-controlled Federal Communications Commission on Wednesday took the wraps off its rollback of net neutrality rules, which it will finalize next month and give internet service providers more control over what you see online.

The FCC also passed a new rule on robocalls, which sounds like a good thing for consumers but probably isn’t.

Net neutrality is the sort of high-tech, policy-wonk issue that may cause people’s eyes to glaze over, but it’s really important for internet users.

At its heart, net neutrality is about guaranteeing a level playing field for all online services and content providers. It ensures that broadband providers such as phone and cable companies can’t give preferential treatment to anyone — their own streaming-video service, say, over Netflix or Amazon Prime Video.

The Obama administration saw such favoritism as a big enough threat that it passed regulations in 2015 prohibiting internet service companies from interfering with the content flowing over their networks.

Now President Trump’s appointee as FCC chairman, Ajit Pai, is proposing to gut those rules, which he said have “depressed investment in building and expanding broadband networks and deterred innovation.”

His stance on net neutrality is expected to be backed by the commission’s Republican majority at a Dec. 14 meeting.

Although I like the idea of NN as it is marketed, that isn’t actually what it is. It is not about freedom or neutrality.

Net neutrality sure as hell didn’t keep the Jews from kiking the Daily Stormer.

Dailystormer.com was taken offline by the politicization of the most fundamental aspects of web infrastructure, and as you can see from our changing domain names, there is no actual option to get it back online. So the idea that liberals believe in a free internet is nonsensical. As is the idea that they are opposed to these companies having the power to silence political dissidents, as they demanded these companies shut us down and then cheered when they did, unconcerned with the fact that we were engaged in protected speech.