Weev on Apple vs. The FBI

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 25, 2016

One of the greatest security professionals on earth, and the world’s number one celebrity hacker – who also happens to be Daily Stormer’s IT guy – has put out video commentary on the Apple vs. the FBI situation.

Weev’s analysis of the situation lines up with mine and other intelligent folks: Apple isn’t doing this for principles, but that is irrelevant.

We should obviously side with Apple. Because this issue is a lot bigger than Apple.

Note that Apple got weev locked up for 3 years of his life, following the iPad hack, which turned out to not even be illegal.

What the FBI is asking for is not to unlock one phone, but for Apple to develop backdoor software which would allow them to hack all iPhones on the planet. This is an extreme privacy violation – a gigantic freedom-grab.

The FBI is saying “but these terrorists, goyim.”

The FBI, however, is a part of the same government that brought this haji filth into our country in the first place.

The solution to kebabs slaughtering people is not to take everyone’s freedoms. Even if you do take everyone’s freedoms, it isn’t going to matter, because these people are acting out without being given orders – they just follow an ideology.

Earlier today, the above video was posted on the Stormer Forums, and weev stopped in to comment:

and really, honestly, take a look at this fucking chart:


the vast majority of global terror deaths, that big dark blue section of that pie, is sunni islam. the second biggest section is commies. you want to end the vast majority of all terror deaths? instead of violating all our fourth amendment rights (which will accomplish absolutely nothing, as shooters like the san bernardino ones are ideologically motivated and not receiving orders from anyone or plotting electronically) i have a much better idea

physically remove all mudslimes, muds, and commies. no more terrorism.

also of note is how fucking few “white supremacist” terror deaths there are. notice how the media treats us when we are responsible for practically no political violence ever, while they don’t say anything about the marxists that commit hundreds of times of political murders.

Weev spoke for the both of us – the whole lot of us, presumably – when he said that this is the only serious thing he’s ever disagreed with Donald Trump about.

However, the bottom line is as important as this Apple case is, its importance pales in comparison to the importance of stopping brown immigration and mass deporting millions of non-Whites from America.

You can check out weev’s blog here. If you like what he does, send a couple shekels his way.