Weev and the Rise of the Nazi Troll Army

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 4, 2014

The internet: It is now alive, and it is angry about these Jews.
The internet: It is now alive, and it is very angry about these filthy sneaking Jews and their damn, dirty lies.

On the same day that Weev submitted an article for publishing on the Daily Stormer, wherein he elaborated on his current beliefs in a more serious fashion than he had previously, a man alleging to be a former comrade of his, Emmett Rensin (who has written against Weev before), published an essay in Vox entitled “Confessions of a Former Internet Troll” attacking the modern troll community as evil sexist homophobic racist nazis.

Emmett Rensin, defender of oppressed minorities against racist internet people.
Emmett Rensin, defender of oppressed minorities against malicious and racist internet people.

Weev (Andrew Auernheimer) was named and defamed in the article (Rensin sinks all the way into weird gossip), which claims that trolling was, a decade ago, about simply mocking people viewed as thinking too highly of themselves, but now is obsessed with taking down the system in order to preserve the existence of the White race.

He writes:

In the previous decade, you had it coming because you were pompous or entitled or privileged or foolish. The spirit was mischievous, and its intent was to humiliate unclothed emperors. Today, to have it coming is to expose the nakedness of masculinity or whiteness or some other sacred cow of the self-serious; the trolls these days are the red-faced ones, the ones who cannot stand to have their worldview made fun of. “Butthurt” used to be a schoolyard taunt for our marks, not us.

He then relays a tale of trolling a White man, where it was, in his mind, permissible because the guy was White.

He goes on to mourn the fact that the goals are now much more refined.

For all of my desire to complicate the trolling narrative, to insist that at one time our motives were permissible if not strictly noble, to suggest that it was fun and harmless and surprisingly diverse, trolling as an impulse has always been largely the domain of white men — and especially of those acutely aware of a world where the theoretical foundation of their inherited power is crumbling. They — we — are all anxious. The difference is in how we cope. This fear does not deserve pity, nor does it take priority over the far deeper worries of the genuinely maligned, but there is something explicable in this alienation. It’s worth having a little bit of empathy if you want to understand where these people came from. Ten years ago, the worry was easily enough ignored: displaced into pranks and jokes and insistence on being above it all, somehow outside both systems, crumbling and ascendant. Trolling was escapism; a denial of one’s place as part of a threatening world by way of imagining a troll as its incidental trickster, here to expose all vanities in equal measure. Today’s so-called trolling is the opposite: it is an explicit part of these power dynamics; a reactionary force desperate to stop the world from changing in this way.

In other words: trolling is now a force of White Revolution, consciously targeting the enemies of our people.

Oy vey.

Though Rensin is correct with regards to the present state of the troll community, which is largely a total nazifest intent on exposing the filthy Jews and their dirty lies, to say that it has changed from something light-hearted and fun (he actually does a little bit of amateur psycho-analysis, claiming that the understanding of White displacement was “sublimated” into edgy humor, which is probably not entirely false) is not totally correct.

Trolling, as a concept, was always a form of social commentary, intended to expose the weakness and hypocrisy of our age. The fact that it has been refined into a hardcore right-wing system of Jew-hatred and the mockery of self-righteous feminists merely demonstrates that we now know our enemy much better than we did a decade ago. And presumably, that we know ourselves a lot better too.

It was a natural evolution of a medium and a community which surrounded it.

On top of that, trolling has not stopped being fun.

Trolling feminists is not only more meaningful than trolling the Church of Scientology, it is also significantly funnier.
Trolling feminists is not only more meaningful than trolling the Church of Scientology, it is also significantly funnier.

Over this past decade, the system has made itself clear about its own drives and motivations. When Bush was still in power, the situation was not yet crystal clear. To many, there was still a notion that the power we were fighting had something to do with White Christian oppressors, which confused our minds. At present, however, no one with half a brain is left incapable of seeing that the oppressive order of the West is fully Jewed, and that the Jewish agenda involves the complete destruction of the White European race, by any means necessary.

What was first a joke – “the Jews did it” – eventually became an obvious statement of fact.

What started as an attempt to deconstruct the disaster that is modernity ended with an embrace of Nazism, as when one is open to all options, as the troll community centered around chan boards was, there is no where to go but home to Hitler, the ultimate Avatar of truth, freedom, justice and the reality that the White European race is, always has been and shall forever remain the only true force of creation in the realm of men.

The Response to Weev’s Article

The response from the usual suspects was predictable: pure whining faggotry.

Along with a Twitter Jewish tear-fest, Gawker mourned that a guy they wanted to like had gone full-Nazi.

Jew reporter.
Jew reporter.
Jew reporter
Jew reporter
Prepare the lampshade-making machine.  The trollocaust has begun.
Prepare the lampshade-making machine. The trollocaust has begun.

They did not attempt to explain why if someone you liked turned into a Nazi, you would stop liking them.  Friends from my pre-Nazi days all still like me – I’m the same guy, just all grown up.

What these people clearly fear is that Weev just started a revolution.  They claim that it is us that wish to preserve our power, but the power belongs to us by default.  They have acquired it by snakelike trickery and subterfuge.  All that has to happen for us to retake our power is for us to realize that it belongs to us.

Weev, being one of the most accomplished security professionals ever, as well as a subcultural icon, is a meter by which the mindset of an entire group of highly intelligent White men can be measured.

And it appears that the winds of change are blowing far to the right.

The Internet as the Last Bastion of “White Supremacy” or It’s Not Our Revolution If We Can’t lol

If we take the term “White Supremacy” to mean the superiority of the White race – rather than some sort of evil plot by Whites to oppress poor brown folk for no clear reason, as is generally meant when the term is used by social justice warriors – then the entire history of the world has been defined by White Supremacy.  Because White people are simply better than any other race at virtually everything.

Over the last decades, the Jews have attacked this concept of White Supremacy – really White superiority – by forwarding the stated evil plot theory, claiming that all wealth and power be immediately transferred from the heterosexual White males – who did everything that ever mattered in history, and thus created all this wealth and power – to a bunch of primitive non-Whites, women and faggots.  Jews do not actually care about primitives, women or faggots, this is merely a Marxist strategy of destroying a society the Jews view as threatening by squashing the strong and propping up the weak.

This Jewish agenda has been successful in virtually every sector of society.  Universities have been flooded with confused, low IQ subhumans and haughty, annoying and entitled women, while the White males who built these institutions have been pushed out, left with their X-Boxes and weed.  The government has been filled with various primitive aliens and control freak females as well, along with virtually everything else.  These institutions are all in the process of collapsing, as the non-Whites and women that run them are simply biologically incapable of managing them – again, this whole program was never meant to work.

Yes, faggots, your President is a Black guy.  Your next President will be a feminist.  All of the thousands of years your ancestors spent building this society in which you presently exist are being flushed down a sonic toilet.
Yes, faggots, your President is a Black guy. Your next President will be a feminist. All of the thousands of years your ancestors spent building this society in which you presently exist are being flushed down a sonic toilet.

To the dismay of Jesse Jackson and his kind, the one realm which has not been taken over by subhumans and women are the technology fields, for the simple reason that these elements of society are not capable of even pretending to run these fields.  Whereas a university or a government can basically continue to function on mere protocol for an extended period without collapsing completely, the technology fields require constant innovation, and if you were to push out White males, the whole thing would just stop working.  Asians are okay at improving circuitry, but the actual innovation requires White Supremacy.

As such, the technology fields are the last bastion of the superior White male.  Those who do not fall to drugs, or simply get fat and play video games and watch porno, find themselves working with computers.  The fact that they are generally not required to go through the cesspit of the Marxist university system – which, as a rule, causes people to give up and drop out or sell their soul and realize they must compromise themselves on a fundamental level if they wish to survive – makes it all the easier for White men to survive on talent alone, without bowing to the Jew system.

Recently, #gamergate brought this situation of remaining White male dominance to the attention of Social Justice Warriors, who have vowed to remove the superior White male from the technology scene.  I almost hope they are victorious, given that if the technological structures holding our society together began to break down, the fallout would come much quicker than the present fallout of the rest of our social institutions.  This would show the world once and for all that we are the only force which ever accomplished anything of significance in the entire history of civilization, and that without us, you have a world that is a combination of African poverty and war, Islamic terror and sick barbarism and Mexican landscaping companies.

Along with this, #gamergate seems to have alerted racist, misogynist, homophobic internet trolls to the level of power they actually possess.  Which is definitely a good thing.  They also see that the Jewish powers that be are preparing to launch an assault against the one fortress the White race still held.

Dear silly, stupid bitch: We are sorry to inform you, but this party has just gotten started.
Dear silly, stupid bitch: We regret to inform you, but this party has just gotten started.

Given that the technology fields are the last place where creative White males are capable of being creative White males,  it is no surprise that the hacking and programming fields – which tend to be very closely associated with the trolling community, by their very nature – are an expression of the spirit of the White male.

The trolling phenomenon started out as a humorous, somewhat aimless attack on the hypocrisy it saw in the modern world, in a nihilistic fashion emblematic of the cultural climate we were all hatched in, and then its focus refined.  Now, the enemy is clear, and the purpose is evident.

War hath been declared.

It is on the internet that our revolution has begun.  I myself – and thus the Daily Stormer – am a product of the troll community as much as anything else.  Neutered as we are in the real world, with all of our institutions lost to the enemy, it is here, on the internet, that things shall move forward.

Presently, this internet troll army, fighting for White Supremacy, represents one of the most powerful forces our people have.  And that power is increasing, as the enemy pushes against it.  This is not our private army – it’s a loose cannon, steered by nothing but an idea, but generally, loose cannons tend to hit something.  And since we are surrounded by nothing but Jews and their tools, on every single side (including both up and down), a loose cannon is fine.

Weev’s open revolt against the powers that be, moving out of the realm of “am I joking or not” into the realm of “nope, not joking, I’ve got a swastika tattoo on my chest,” represents a coming sea change.  The attempts of the SJWs to overpower and displace the White men in the last place where White men are allowed to be White men will be met with increasing resistance, which is going to take many interesting forms – we expect them to be sufficiently hilarious.

Godspeed, ye noble trolls.

Hail Victory.