Wear Masks Against Pollen in Spring Because Pollen Increases Coronavirus, Experts Say

Knows ye not from whence yonder coronavirus emergeth, but know ye well that it shall be the death of ye.

Everything art yonder virus.

Study Finds:

After a year in coronavirus isolation, hope appears to be arriving just in time for spring. As millions receive their COVID-19 vaccine, many are planning to take advantage of the rising temperatures. Unfortunately, a new study finds the virus may also be making a comeback as seasonal pollen levels increase as well. Researchers at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) warn COVID infection rates rise as airborne pollen concentrations go up in the spring.

A massive international study, involving 130 locations in 31 countries on five continents, reveals 2020’s outbreak of coronavirus in the Northern Hemisphere appears to have a link to the annual tree pollen season. Led by study first author Athanasios Damialis, 154 researchers examined information on pollen concentrations, weather conditions, and COVID infections on a day-to-day basis.

Their results find that airborne pollen levels can account for nearly half (44%) of the changes in daily COVID infection rates. Weather conditions like humidity and air temperature also seem to play a role.

Before countries instituted widespread lockdown policies, infection rates increased by four percent for every 100 grains of pollen per cubic meter. In some German cities, researchers note pollen concentrations reached as high as 500 grains per cubic meter. This spike led to an overall increase in COVID infections of more than 20 percent on certain days.

For places going into lockdown early in the pandemic, the study finds infections rates were about half as high with the same levels of pollen in the air.

Researchers say on days when pollen counts are high, the public is at risk for higher numbers of respiratory illnesses. They add that this is still the case whether someone is allergic to pollen or not.

The team recommends that people at high-risk for contracting COVID-19 continue wearing a particle-filtering mask this spring on days where pollen levels are high.

“Don’t breathe fresh air directly, goy. The air is not fresh, it has bad particles in it. You need a special kind of air.”

Coronavirus testing is retarded and anyone can see that they’re blaming this fake pandemic for the deaths of people who were going to die anyway while saying that everything is a symptom of coronavirus.

What they’re doing with the testing and symptoms is the same thing they do with the death toll.

Here’s a table from the Mayo Clinic comparing cold symptoms from seasonal allergies symptoms:

Symptom check: Is it a cold or allergy?
Symptom Cold Allergy
Cough Usually Sometimes
General aches and pains Sometimes Never
Fatigue and weakness Sometimes Sometimes
Itchy eyes Rarely Usually
Sneezing Usually Usually
Sore throat Usually Rarely
Runny nose Usually Usually
Stuffy nose Usually Usually
Fever Sometimes Never

What this study shows is that the coronavirus testing is as rigged as the coronavirus death toll.

If they stopped testing for coronavirus, no one would notice anything out of the ordinary. The alleged pandemic hasn’t even increased the total death toll compared to previous years, so the only reason we know this alleged virus allegedly exists is because they are performing what they allege to be mass testing and saying that a lot of people have it.

If the testing stopped, the pandemic would end.