“We Want Everything!” – Nancy Pelosi’s House Vandalized with Spraypaint and Pig’s Head


Not Nancy!


A house reportedly owned by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has been vandalized with Antifa symbols and slogans, demanding more social welfare. Photos circulated online show a pig’s head in a puddle of fake blood left at the gates.

The incident, first reported by TMZ on Friday, saw vandals using black paint to cover what is said to be Pelosi’s garage door in San Francisco with graffiti. The drawings refer to a proposed $2,000 stimulus check that failed to pass in Congress despite President Donald Trump’s vocal support for the measure.

Other slogans read “cancel rent” and “we want everything.” The peculiar scene also featured a pig’s head and fake blood smeared all over the ground at the garage door.

Citing police sources, TMZ reported that officers responded to a call at Pelosi’s house at around 3am on New Year’s Day.

A photo taken by San Francisco Republican John Dennis, who last year unsuccessfully ran for election to unseat Pelosi in California’s 12th Congressional district, shows the House Speaker’s garage door covered with black drapes, presumably to conceal the damage.

“Dems like Pelosi will learn sooner or later: you cannot appease the violent left,” Dennis wrote.

Pelosi has been one of the proponents of raising the stimulus check from $600 to $2,000, accusing Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) of delaying the vote on the House-passed bill that approved the increase.

Firstly, it probably should be said that I don’t think this is a real pig’s head.

It would have been easier to use a real pig’s head, as they’re actually very cheap at a butcher shop because these days, not many people want the head. But it doesn’t look like a real pig’s head and I think Antifa is vegan and too respectful of Islam to use a real pig’s head. The way the blood is strewn across the driveway also makes it look like not real blood (not that the head of a pig would be bleeding anyway, unless they literally killed it in the yard just before placing it there).

That said, this is pretty hardcore.

However, let’s go a bit deeper here.

There Will Not be Any Antifa Threat to the Democrat Machine, Unless the Feds Want There to Be

Antifa in America was an invention of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). It was promoted after the election of Donald Trump, as a way for the feds to shut down events that it would have been illegal for them to use the police to shut down.

Of course, there is no proof of that. But it is deduced without any effort by the fact that what they do is illegal, and it would have been absolutely nothing for the feds to shut this down. Every time that Antifa shows up anywhere, they commit multiple federal crimes that could result in decades-long prison sentences. It would have been nothing at all for the feds to nab several dozen of these people, and get them to make plea deals to reveal the organizational networks of the group.

Furthermore, even if there is no law against “domestic terrorism” (you can look that up – it’s a violation of the First Amendment), there is a law called “RICO” that easily could have applied to Antifa and been used to give the FBI extreme spying capacities to find the leaders of this group and put them in prison forever for running a criminal gang.

You’ve also seen that none of these people ever get charged with anything. There have been times when someone who doesn’t know the deal arrests them, such as when the DC cops arrested a bunch of them on January 20, 2017. The Justice Department said, “okay,” and then made the jerk-off hand motion, and then dropped all charges.

In January 2018, virtually all the charges were dropped.

Then in March of 2019, all remaining charges were dropped.

Remember, this was tens of millions of dollars of damage these people did, on a total terroristic rampage, busting out windows and firebombing buildings and cars – and literally not one single one of them suffered any consequences for it. At all.

This is to say: there is no reality in which Antifa does not function with the full blessing of the FBI and the US Justice Department. That is an absolute matter of fact. I guess you could say “they formed organically and the FBI just let them go,” but that seems unlikely. Most likely, it was created by Jews, working directly with the FBI, from the very beginning. There is just no natural drive in the population to organize a bunch of drug addicts to attack random white people on the street. Someone has to pay these drug addicts, and promote all of this nonsense ideology to them.

What this means is this: the federal government can flip a switch, at any moment, and turn this entire phenomenon off forever.

We’ve already witnessed them turn off various elements of Antifa, when they started doing things they weren’t supposed to do. We’ve seen for instance that when some Antifa-affiliated people tried to protest Jeff Bezos and Amazon, it ended very quickly. There was one anti-Amazon protest, and then it stopped.

This all basically amounts to public theater. It is scripted performance art. The only thing real about it is the effect that it had on the right-wing, effectively making it impossible for us to organize publicly.

Remember the Proud Boys? They were attacked by Antifa in New York, while leaving an event. They defended themselves, and even though the Antifa ran off after getting their asses kicked and refused to press charges, the state brought charges against the Proud Boys, and ended up convicting some of them of “rioting.”

I am seeing people saying things like “they’re going to have a hard time controlling their own people if Joe Biden doesn’t do the bidding of the far left.” Even people who should know better than that like Andy Ngo say that stuff. This is just totally, completely false. If Antifa ever does anything that the feds don’t want them to do, they will just flip a switch and shut the whole thing down.

Furthermore: Antifa isn’t popular. It’s a very fringe thing. Yes, mainstream Democrats have a “don’t punch left” policy, and they won’t ever condemn any kind of leftist, but it doesn’t have some base of support that is going to be upset if they get shut down by the FBI.

So, yes: Nancy Pelosi’s house getting vandalized is funny. But don’t imagine that this is signaling some kind of uprising against the mainstream Democrats. This was either something that the intelligence services wanted to happen for some reason, or, if it wasn’t, then people will actually be arrested and sentenced to prison for doing it.

Don’t Entertain This Bullshit

There is a lot of stupid, silly bullshit going around.

Don’t waste your time with anyone talking about Antifa as if they are anything other than an organ of the FBI and the Justice Department. Anyone saying “the left is going to have a hard time controlling their own radicals” is either lying on purpose to waste your time, or is totally tapped out and has no idea what’s going on in real life.

Work stuff through in your brain, make sure it makes sense.