We Should Remember the People Who Promoted This Coronavirus Hoax

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 5, 2020

As the pandemonium of hysteria over the Coronavirus continues to intensify, one thing is not intensifying: hospital traffic.

In fact, several viral videos show that even in New York City, which is the epicenter of the infections in America, hospitals are empty.

Last week, people started using the hashtag #FilmYourHospital to document that hospitals across the country which are supposed to be treating Coronavirus are as empty as every other public place in this country.

Star reporter and celebrated public intellectual Ian Miles Cheong got really mad about it.

The official explanation is that they cleared out the hospitals for Coronavirus patients. That is obviously true. All non-emergency treatment has been postponed, as they’ve gotten the hospitals ready for a “surge.”

“Fact checkers” are fact checking this by stating the obvious.

The obvious question is: where is the surge?

Here we are on April 5, deep into this lockdown, and the hospitals are still not overflowing. Nothing at all is happening.

As I’ve documented, in 2018, hospitals were forced to set up tents in parking lots to treat flu patients, so I don’t think that “hospitals overwhelmed” would mean anything even if it was happening.

TIME, January 18, 2018

But it isn’t happening.

The media keeps saying it is going to happen.

But the lockdown has been going on for over two weeks, which is the incubation period for the virus.

It looks as though nothing is going to happen, at all.

I thought that it might turn into a bad flu season. Not as bad as 2018, but maybe pretty bad. But it very much looks like this is just going to be a normal flu season.

If people don’t start dying soon, the government and media might start faking stuff.

CBS News has already been caught using footage from Italy and saying it was New York.

But they’re not going to be able to fake 100,000-240,000 deaths.

This really is the biggest hoax in all of history.

We should all remember the people who went along with this hoax. Of course the entire mainstream media was the engine behind it, but many right-wingers used it as an opportunity to attack the Chinese, or push some other agenda, or simply got totally irresponsibly caught up in the fear hysteria.

Tucker Carlson has been promoting this hoax, Breitbart has been promoting it. Most internet right-wing commentators have been promoting it. I could understand promoting it two weeks ago or even a week ago, but we now know the facts, we know this isn’t happening, but very few are going back and reevaluating and telling the truth about how it’s played out.

The thing has officially not happened, and the fact that there are still right-wing people out there saying “oh it’s coming, you’ll see… it’s gonna come, you’ll see… it’s gonna get us… you just wait…” is simply unimaginable to me.

These people are tasked with countering the nonsense of the mainstream media, and they’ve officially dropped the ball. The ball has crashed through the floor, crashed through the floor of the basement, and is lodged in the foundations of the sub-basement.

We are going into a period of absolute chaos, when there is going to be an extreme amount of disinformation from the media about what is going on, and people who reflexively side with the mainstream media – for whatever reason – when things get heavy must be handled with extreme skepticism going forward.

Tucker Carlson using this whole thing to attack China has been the most disappointing thing I’ve witnessed.

Where is the Chinese threat, Tucker? Are the Chinese injecting children with transsexual hormones? Are the Chinese flooding America with Mexicans? Did the Chinese send us to fight wars in the Middle East?

Even if you believe the Chinese are the biggest threat we face, that still is not an excuse for promoting this dumb virus hysteria.

I understand that Tucker and the rest of these people are probably not malicious, and are simply caught up in hysteria, but people who are tasked with analyzing the media narrative – which is the primary job of a right-wing commentator – can’t be babies. They also can’t be so driven by pride that they are incapable of admitting when they are wrong.

I’m not the only person who was right about this. Others have called out this hoax. But we need to view this as a litmus test, and the people who went along with this hysteria simply can’t be taken seriously moving forward. They might be able to offer something of value moving forward, but they can’t be trusted to analyze crises.