We Need to be Pushing for an Absolute Shutdown on All Forms of Immigration

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 24, 2019

Obviously, no one on the right-wing is interested in any more nonwhite immigration into America.

However, for some reason, American white activists have tended to support white immigration, and actually promote it.

There are several problems with this.

It’s Not Realistic

The first and most obvious problem is that it is impossible to promote “white only” immigration. That is just never going to happen, unless we have total control over America again, which is a long way off.

So by promoting white immigration, you are simply confusing the dialog about immigration. You are complicating things beyond the level they need to be complicated to.

We still have an entire group of boomer cuck-rightists who are against nonwhite immigration but cannot ever say they are against nonwhite immigration because they fear being called “racist.”

Standard boomer Facebook meme.

We saw this play-out when Trump called Haiti and other brown nations “shitholes” and said he wanted people from Norway. He was called a racist because basically that is racist. You can say it is just about the economic level of these countries, but everyone sort of understands why there is such a wide economic gap between Norway and Haiti.

You’re not going to convince boomers to be open racists, no matter what you do, and we just have to deal with the fact that they are the biggest Republican voting bloc and try to guide them as best we can.

The boomer cucks could easily say “I’m against all immigration.” Because you can’t be called racist for that.

Instead, we have a situation where they are saying they want “legal immigration” which is “based on merit.” And that argument leaves open room for all kinds of disreputable individuals, including Indian and Pakistani IT workers, which are basically the worst imaginable form of immigrant. It also allows for Chinese immigration, and the Chinese are already buying up the entirety of America as part of a Chinese global domination strategy.

You can’t have “merit based” immigration, because there are people with merit who we don’t want in this country.

So the much more obvious meme to promote is “shutdown on all immigration.” That is what should be spammed everywhere as a talking point.

And promoting that meme, and getting it into the public space, actually will have a positive effect. It makes all of this so, so much simpler.

Fetishization of Immigration is a Jewish Meme

The Jews have promoted this love for the other. This is not natural to any people. And white people from other countries are not us, and there is no reason we should specifically be trying to fill up an already full country with random white people from whichever country.

By saying “no, we want white immigration,” you are conceding the “immigration is naturally good by definition” argument to the Jews, and further confusing the discussion of the immigration problem.

We are Not a nation of Immigrants

Furthermore, this is not a “nation of immigrants.”

This is a British colony which gained independence through a revolutionary war. It is a nation founded by conquerors. The people who came and settled this continent cannot by any rational definition be called “immigrants.”

Furthermore, we have not always had this fetishization of immigrants. During the taming of the Wild Wild West, we did allow people to come in to settle the land, but they were settlers and conquerors, not “immigrants” as we currently think of the term.

From the 1920s to the 1970s, we were involved in a process of attempting to stop all immigration, because basically, we had enough people already.

That was overturned by the Jewish 1965 Immigration Act, which began taking effect in the early 70s, at which point we were just flooded with brown sludge.

White Immigration Historically has Not Been Very Good

Other than the initial thing of allowing in German and Scandinavian Protestants to come and settle in the West, white immigration to the US has caused a whole lot of problems.

The reason that immigration was shut down in the 1920s was partially because of Jews, but it was mainly due to the problem of trying to integrate Eastern Europeans and Italian and Irish Catholics, which proved to be a mega-challenge.

And although the majority of those issues were solved, the reality is that East Coast Irish Catholics remain a great ally to the Jews, and it would honestly be better if they weren’t here.

Just turn on the TV – virtually every single talking head pushing an agenda on you that isn’t Jewish is an Irish Catholic.

Morning Joe, Chris Matthews, Chris Hayes, Brian Williams, Erin Burnett, Megyn [sic] Kelly,

All the late night hosts are Irish, except Jimmy Kimmel, who is an Italian Catholic.

Beyond liberals, the shill fake-right network of Fox I think only has one host that is a WASP, and that’s Tucker Carlson.

William F. Buckley, the guy who destroyed the American Conservative movement, was an Irish Catholic.

Furthermore, almost all of these “deep state” type allies of the Jews in the government are Irish Catholics (or Mormons).

Both John Brennan and James Comey – the two most powerful figures in the deep conspiracy beyond Rod Rosenstein himself – are Irish Catholics.

And before “blah blah blah muh Irishmen” – according to a concerning DNA test I took, I am 50+% genetically Irish, so way too much of a visceral paddy fuck to give a shit about your whining.

This is not a racial issue, or an ethnic issue, it is an issue of allowing a cultural outgroup to exist within a society. That issue is bigger when it is also accompanied by race, because it is irreconcilable. A racial outgroup can only be an outgroup, whereas a white outgroup can be absorbed and cease to exist.

Actually, the Jewish plan is to absorb racial outgroups into a “shades of brown” future, which is in fact a tacit admission that outgroups indeed are a problem.

Jews say in the future everyone will be mixed race, which will mean we are all equal.

The difference between a genetically Irish individual such as myself and terrorist rats like James Comey is that I don’t engage in a subversive foreign religion and I don’t work to undermine this country. I fully identify with the founders of this country, and I am not interested in pushing any other agenda than the agenda laid out by the WHITE ANGLO-SAXON PROTESTANT men who created this nation in the name of the white race.

There is exactly zero connection in my soul to the nation of Ireland or the Irish people. I was born in America, all four of my grandparents were born in America, six of my great-grandparents were born in America, and I have absolutely zero allegiance to any country other than AMERICA.

Of course, I don’t really think that any of the Irish Catholic terrorists are loyal to the nation of Ireland, per se. They are more simply destructive rebels, who maintain an outsider status through their religion, and mythology about how they were oppressed by Anglos in America and need to take revenge on them by allying with Jews and brown people. They constantly use the “Irish weren’t considered white” meme, which is a stupid hoax. The Irish weren’t considered “not white,” they were considered a problematic white outgroup which held hostility towards the majority culture.

And no, I’m not attacking Catholicism or even all American Catholics, and actually I am anti-reformation if I am speaking in the larger scope of Western civilization. But the fact remains that Catholicism in America has caused a group of people – the Irish much more so than the Italians or Polish, for whichever reason – to maintain an “other” identity, and that has not been good for America.

Also, it is important to note that there are many Irish Catholics who are not problematic. I am speaking in general terms. And the general problem is that they are an outgroup.

But the truth of the point remains: overall, allowing a huge group of white foreigners to immigrate did not produce great results. It happened, so we will deal with it – and for the most part, we already have dealt with it – but it’s nothing to be celebrated as some great success demonstrating the glory of white immigration. And it certainly isn’t evidence that immigration should be fetishized in the way the Jews promote it.

In a Perfect World

If we are speaking of some future situation where white people have successfully wrested back control of America from the Jews, then I would of course be open to various limited forms of white immigration.

Firstly, this would only be viable with countries which had a completely reciprocal immigration agreement with us. If we’re going to allow people from a country to immigrate, they have to allow our people the same right in their country.

In general, I would think the following would be reasonable:

If Canada stops being such a liberal cesspit, Canadians should more or less have free entry, as long as they give us the same right. Canadians are more or less the exact same people as us, and it is only due to historical factors that they ended up on the other side of a border. It is difficult to view people with a very similar history who live right next to us as even being a separate nation. In fact, I would support the annexation of Canada, if the conditions were similar to the annexation of Austria by Germany in in 1938. In fact, I think the annexation of Canada could be viewed as a “reunification.”

We could have more or less free movement among the anglosphere. Both Britain and Australia (and New Zealand) have a shared history with us, they speak the same language, and they are at our same level of economic development, so I don’t see any reason we couldn’t have an “open borders” situation with them. As with Canada, they would need to stop being such total shitlibs for this to work, and obviously we would not want any of their brown people coming, so they would have had to have gotten rid of those. But we are talking “in a perfect world” here.

We should allow in white refugees from South Africa and other nonwhite shithole former colonies with white minorities. However, they should be spread out across the country and not all put in the same place so they are forced to integrate and intermarry. We don’t want any groups coming here and marrying each other intergenerationally.

With every other white country, they should be allowed to apply for visas based on necessity or providing something unique. That is to say if there is some kind of scientific genius in Spain who wants to come work at a prestigious American university, he should be able to apply to do so. If there is no specific professional agenda, then you have to wonder why people want to leave their own country.

And of course, people who marry Americans should be able to get citizenship. If some American skank goes on a family vacation in Italy and is seduced by a dashing Italian gentleman, okay. I’ll allow it. Same goes for nerds meeting Slavic women on the internet.

Finally, if we develop some kind of white empire alliance between America and Russia – which I support – we can have a visa exchange program with them in order to develop the relationship. We can also build a rocket train under the arctic from New York to Moscow.