We Need More Immigrants Because Billionaires Can’t Afford to Pay White Workers

Steve Goode
White Genocide Project
February 22, 2014

Sir James Dyson
Sir James Dyson

Sir James Dyson, inventor of the vacuum cleaner brand “Dyson” (worth £3 billion), threatened to leave the UK and take his business with him, because immigration rules or policies, and he specifically referred to engineers or foreign students who want to study engineering.

He believes making them fill out lots of paperwork and strict visa rules are discouraging foreign engineers who were trained in the UK, to leave and take their skills with them.

In the Financial Times, Sir James wrote: “Foreign engineering students are clearly Anglophiles and they are clearly bright. So let us use their brains to our advantage.

The reason these engineers go home is because we do everything we can to make them unwelcome. They must find work within a few weeks of completing their studies, or we revoke their visas.

If they do find work, we permit them only a fixed-term contract. Their employers, too, face high fees and an avalanche of paperwork. These are the world’s most promising engineers. We ought to be encouraging them to stay, not waving them goodbye.

The solution to our engineering shortage is easy to see. Politicians need to find the mettle to implement it. Otherwise, we and others will be forced to leave for countries where engineers are made – and made welcome.

Dyson criticized British immigration minister, Mark Harper, claiming that British businesses were losing out on foreign workers blaming the visa rules.

Just about all the foreign students in Britain are Chinese or Asian, with perhaps a tiny amount of South Americans. Super-rich elites all want these policies that kick White people out of work and replace them with non-White workers that don’t complain about being treated like dirt.

All the rich elite have money, so the next thing they want is power. So they will happily promote White genocide, or policies that lead to it such as massive non-White immigration, because White people stand in the way of them getting more power.

In White countries, there are many different groups that want to get rid of White people for many different reason, but we simply call all of them “anti-White”. All of their policies lead to a world where White people turn into a minority that gets a little smaller each generation until White people are eventually no more.