We Meme’d Hillary to Her Deathbed

Daily Stormer
September 12, 2016

Commentary Hillary Clinton s health just became a real issue in the presidential campaign Chicago Tribune

It’s over, hag.

We all know that once a cat is out of a bag, you’re not going to be putting that cat back into it.

Not gonna happen.

So when we’re talking about putting cats back into baskets, can you begin to imagine the difficulty?

Hillary Clinton has pneumonia doctor says after early 9 11 event exit CNNPolitics.com

Even your own PR team is reporting on this, Hillary. Game over.

Hillary’s been coasting for weeks while under attack by Trump, who’s pressing her about her health. And internet Nazis have also been hard at work making a fuss every time she coughed or used a stool to climb a 2-inch step.

But she just denied it all, whining about a great right-wing conspiracy to make her out to be a frail old woman. And the media went right along with her, laughing at our silly theories about her being half dead.

They ain’t laughing now.

Chicago Tribune:

Hillary Clinton falling ill Sunday morning at a memorial service on the 15th anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks will catapult questions about her health from the ranks of conservative conspiracy theory to perhaps the central debate in the presidential race over the coming days.


Don’t do it, liberal! You’ll have so much to live for after Trump wins! Like… the wall. And the deportation squads!


Hillary Clinton has pneumonia, her doctor said Sunday, hours after the Democratic nominee stumbled and exited a 9/11 commemoration ceremony early.

Clinton was diagnosed on Friday with pneumonia, and “was put on antibiotics, and advised to rest and modify her schedule,” Dr. Lisa Bardack said in a statement.

“Revise her schedule?”

The bitch is already working, like, 12 hours a week!

If you “revise” it anymore than that, she’ll just sleep until the election.

Bane crashing this plane YouTube

“Was sleeping through this election part of your plan?”

Well, Hillary, there’s a silver lining to all this.

If you sleep through the rest of the campaign, you won’t have to get destroyed in the debates against Trump.

The hag obviously has something way worse than pneumonia. If they’re throwing the “pneumonia” bone at us to keep us distracted, then what they’re hiding must be pretty horrible indeed.


This dried up old prune is trying to pretend like she’s in shape? lol.

The Washington Post:

The Clinton campaign’s bad damage control just made the health story even worse

Conservative media coverage of Hillary Clinton’s health has been borderline hysterical. Okay, not even borderline — just plain hysterical. Amateur diagnoses of the Democratic presidential nominee on various news sites range from Parkinson’s disease and cancer to radiation poisoning and aphasia. Mainstream outlets have generally dismissed such conjecture.

But after Clinton was forced to leave a Sept. 11 memorial service early Sunday — feeling overheated, according to her campaign — the journalistic scrutiny seems likely to intensify. And not only — or even primarily — because of the overheating.

Hahaha! The Washington Post crew was feeling this somber, and they hadn’t yet learned about the newer pneumonia angle from Clinton’s campaign!

You can bet they’ll have a troubled night of sleep over this.


I’m going to sleep like a baby…


Feels good, man.