We Hit $62,685 on Friday

Bitcoin is inches away from its all time high, officially having hit $62,685 on Friday.

The ATH, hit in April, is $64,889.

The government has approved the first ever Bitcoin ETF.

The Bidens still have not even printed the next motherload – but it sure is coming.

No-coiners do still exist, and like vaccine believers, they will continue to invent new and ever more absurd and bizarre fantasies to defend their no-coinery.

I have no desire to be smug like the no-coiners were during the Elon dip.

There is volatility. That isn’t going away. That is the nature of the situation. It could drop to $20,000 tomorrow, and my position on Bitcoin would be the same as it is right now as we prepare to break the ATH.

But the deal is done: insofar as there is going to be any economy at all in the future, the future economy is going to run on coins.

This is not a financial advice site. I’ve never told you to buy coins (except to donate to the site, which you should do).

But I have said this: anyone telling you not to buy coins is either stupid or malicious. Or both. Probably at this point, they are stuck in a spiral of delusion, where they spew such levels of smugness at the coin community that they their egos would explode if they were to admit they were wrong.

Unless someone is presenting some kind of very good system for buying real estate, then what exactly are they telling you to do?

Hold cash? 

Again: the boomers who say “well the government could ban it though” will not address the fact that the Bolsheviks seized both property and gold from the people – and this government we have now is basically Bolshevik.

And here’s the thing: they can’t seize your Bitcoin!

You memorize your pass phrase, and they can throw you in a tranny torture center for years and you can walk out totally naked and buy an Armani suit to cover your nakedness.

Meanwhile, try getting back the property and gold they seized when you get out of the torture camp. How do you think that’s gonna go?

No-coinerism is over. It failed.