We Have to Make Antarctica Green Again, Bring On the Climate Apocalypse and Reclaim Our History

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
April 6, 2019

Scientists are saying we may be beginning to make Antarctica green again through Climate Change, and they’re saying we should stop.

I disagree.

I’ve been talking about planning to survive the Climate Apocalypse lately if it cannot be stopped, but this changes everything.

This is likely to be the reason why they don’t want global warming to happen nor the climate to change. They don’t want us to find the Hyperborean Pyramids in Antarctica. They don’t want us to find Atlantis… or whatever it is that’s underneath the ice.

There’s definitely something underneath the ice.

Daily Mail:

Man-made climate change could turn Antarctica green as ice sheets shrink and plants begin to colonise the land underneath once again, scientists have warned.

Current levels of carbon dioxide (CO²) in the atmosphere could lead to conditions comparable with the Pliocene period three million years ago, experts say.

The last time levels of the atmosphere were as high as today – at around 400 parts per million (ppm) – was during this geological epoch.

Studying evidence from this era may provide clues about the future of the planet and help humans understand the pressures they may face, researchers believe.

The Royal Meteorological Society and the Grantham Institute for Climate Change are holding a meeting on Wednesday to discuss the topic.

CO² levels in the atmosphere reached 400 ppm on average for the first time in 2015, World Meteorological Organisation figures show.

However, there is likely to be a ‘lag’ before the true effects of hitting this threshold are felt, according to Professor Martin Siegert, co-director of the Grantham Institute, Imperial College.

In the meantime, looking to the Pliocene era could offer clues as to how humans might deal with the challenges this creates, he said.

During this period, sea levels were around 15 metres higher and temperature estimated to be between 2C and 3.5C warmer than now.

‘(If) you put your oven on at home, and set it to 200C, the temperature doesn’t get to that immediately,’ he told reporters ahead of the meeting.

‘It takes a bit of time, and it’s the same with the climate.’

Professor Dame Jane Francis, director of the British Antarctic Survey, said remnants of the forests of Antarctica have been found, which are probably dated to the Pliocene age.

The really important significance of this is that we’ve got 400 ppm now, and if we had 400 ppm in the past, this is maybe where we are going back to,’ she said.

Which is the ice sheets are going to shrink at times, not all the time but at times… which may allow plants to colonise in Antarctic land again.’

We have to melt the ice and Make Antarctica Green Again, and I’ll tell you why.

There is fossil record in Antarctica featuring tropical fern forests and cold blooded reptiles living in it. Temperatures are estimated to have been similar to our current tropics. If today we had such climate at the poles, the equator would be melting and unlivable.

Most scientists agree that the last mass extinction, that of the mammoths and other giant mammals, took place about 12,000 years ago. Most agree that a climate change event took place then. Some claim, some dispute, but most are silent on the fact that then the North pole was around the Hudson bay area in Canada. This explains why the massive North American ice sheet extended down to Tennessee, but Alaska and Siberia were ice free. Inversely, this would have made about half of Antarctica ice free as the Southern pole would have been just off its coast, in the Indian ocean.

If the above is true, then a polar shift took place, the last one of many in earth’s history. This is mostly ignored by establishment scientists.

Due to how thermal conduction works, ice sheets form, conserve and grow better on land. Today we have one polar circle (Antarctic) almost fully on land and the other (Arctic) almost fully on water. 12,000 years ago, we had one almost fully on land (North America) and the other one (Antarctica) about half on land and half on water. There was more polar circle area on land, which explains why ocean levels were lower, as the poles sucked in more water as ice. The Northern hemisphere was colder than today, but the Southern was a bit warmer.

The new location of the poles, now with more area on water than before, meant that more ice melted than was created, raising ocean levels. England and Newfoundland became islands, the Siberia-Alaska land bridge disappeared.

Very simple and logical.

But, why would the Jew hide this apparently harmless truth?

Legends from time immemorial tell us of advanced civilizations lost in a deluge, whose survivors fled by sea and founded our historical civilizations. Sumerians believed to have come by sea from the mythical Dilmun. The Egyptians were believed to have literally descend from the Atlantean survivors. The Greeks considered Atlantis a historical fact. At the age of discovery, all Amerindians told the Europeans that their largest structures were built by bearded white-skinned foreigners who came by sea, who taught them all they knew.

These men were Aryans, our ancestors.

Blue Eyed Summerian

Blonde Egyptian mummy

Mummy of red-haired pharaoh Ramses

Ginger, a blonde Egyptian mummy

Fresco from Ancient Egypt depicting blonde and redheads against black-haired women

Fresco from Templo de los Guerreros in Chichen Itza, Mexico. Dark captors with white prisoners 

Fresco from Templo de los Guerreros in Chichen Itza, Mexico. Dark priests ritually sacrificing a blonde man

Anyone can now see a map of the ocean floors on Google.

There is no sunken continent of Atlantis in them.

The isolated examples in Yonaguni, Japan and Bimini, Bahamas, etc., are only that – isolated outposts. There is only one area that is hidden from view, by ice, and very little digging is done there.


Is it because they know that remains of Atlantis, the mother of all civilizations, could be there?

With our modern sonar technology they must know what is beneath the ice and probably don’t like it.

Don’t worry, they’ve been “debunked.”

These pyramids can be found in Google Maps. They are virtually ignored by science. If they are real, it proves my point. If they are a hoax – or rather, some kind of geological coincidence – my point remains until proven wrong by digging.

An important strategy of the Jew is to discredit true research by throwing in a bunch of lies. The fact is that little money is spent on digging Antarctica, just as no money is spent in digging the ashes of the six million.

We cannot physically dig or demand diggings in Antarctica but we can protest the Climate Apocalypse hoax.

Let the ice melt and Make Antarctica Green Again, so we get our true history back.