We Have to Censor People Who Undermine the Fight to Change the Weather Using Mass Genetic Engineering

We only have 12 years to turn the world into a solid sheet of ice by freezing this bitch out like Iceman.

Gorillas can only live in ice – hence the phrase “gorillas in the icy mist.”

We have to silence those who are trying to stop the weather changing agenda, for they put as all at risk.

The Guardian:

Fake news on social media about climate change and biodiversity loss is having a worrying impact in the battle to halt the growing environmental threats to the planet, a group of scientists and analysts have warned.

In a report published by the Royal Swedish Academy of Science, they say measures needed to create a healthier, more resilient planet – by reducing fossil fuel emissions, overfishing and other threats – will be hard to enforce if they continue to suffer targeted attacks in social media. The international cooperation that is needed to halt global heating and species loss could otherwise be jeopardised, they say.

“Social media reports have created a toxic environment where it’s now very difficult to distinguish facts from fiction,” said one author, Owen Gaffney, of the Stockholm Resilience Centre. “One of the biggest challenges now facing humanity is our inability to tell fact from fiction. This is undermining democracies, which in turn is limiting our ability to make long-term decisions needed to save the planet.”

This view was supported by the report’s lead author, Professor Carl Folke, director of Sweden’s Beijer Institute of Ecological Economics. “Improvements are occurring – we are getting a lot of promises from big nations about tackling environmental threats – but the media still causes polarisation of views and that is not helpful. We need to tackle that.”

The group’s report is published on Monday as a background paper to the first Nobel Prize Summit, which will be held next month, on the subject “Our Planet, Our Future”. Originally scheduled to take place in Washington last year, the meeting was postponed because of Covid-19. This time it will be held – from 26 to 28 April – as a virtual event.

Those taking part will include Nobel laureates such as Al Gore, the gene-editing pioneer Jennifer Doudna, and immunologist Peter Doherty, as well as Anthony Fauci, the chief medical adviser to US president Joe Biden, and the Dalai Lama.

“The aim is to highlight ways to reduce climate change, biodiversity loss and inequalities and suggest how new technologies such as AI and synthetic biology could help save the planet,” added Gaffney, who is also one of the summit’s organisers.

We cannot allow people to question using AI and gene-editing technology to change the weather. We have to create synthetic biology, and we simply cannot allow people to publicly discuss what that means.

The changing weather is causing disease, along with causing gorillas to get so sweaty that they die.

“Climate change impacts are now hitting people harder and sooner than was envisaged only a decade ago,” states the report, Our Future in the Anthropocene Biosphere.

Just over a decade ago, Al Gore accurately predicted that by 2020, New York City would be under water due to melting ice caps.

All of the predictions have been correct – except that they weren’t extreme enough.

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Last Thursday, Tulsa, Oklahoma was buried under a sea of water from melting ice caps. However, due to the heat from cows farting, the water all turned into steam, and everyone died in a sauna like environment.

We need to drastically begin to genetically engineer the entire planet, and we must stop anyone from understanding what that means or talking about it at all.

As is the case with all scientific facts, the biggest threat to the scientific fact of global warming is free and open inquiry.

Free and open inquiry is anathema to science.

Democracy dies in darkness.

But science dies in the light.

That is why we must protect science from any form of questioning, if we hope to freeze the world over and finally save the gorillas once and for all.

Bill Gates loves us all. His trusted henchman Anthony Fauci loves us with all his heart. They want to save us, using mass genetic engineering and artificial intelligence.

In order to be saved, they ask us only one small favor: shut up and do whatever they tell us to do.