We Don’t Need No Water: German Volunteer Fireman Refuses to Put Out Burning Refugee Centers

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 9, 2015

People are burning these centers left and right.

This is a rather powerful statement being made here.

Why should a man risk his life for some foreign person he has no connection to?

The Telegraph:

A volunteer fireman in Germany has been criticised for refusing to take part in any firefighting at accommodation used by refugees.

The controversy comes as newly released figures show attacks on asylum-seekers in Germany have more than tripled this year.

The fireman, who has been named only as Jürgen S under German privacy laws, sent an official request to the local authorities in the town of Frankenberg in Saxony, to be released from his duties if a fire broke out at a refugee shelter.

The 34-year-old claimed firefighters’ personal safety could not be guaranteed in buildings used by asylum-seekers. The fire service immediately distanced itself from the claims.

“The request is the private opinion of a single volunteer. What is annoying is that he relates his desire for ‘self-protection’ to the entire volunteer Frankenberg fire service,” Harry Wrobel, the fire chief, told Welt newspaper.

Jürgen S has since withdrawn the request after a storm of negative publicity, and is reportedly travelling in the US.

If you get negative publicity, you’re doing something right.

I wish some people would man-up and say these things and not back down. It is horrible to see the lack of character and principles that most of the White race has embraced.