We Desperately Need More Unskilled, Uneducated Brown People

Daily Stormer
August 8, 2017

We need infinity Jose’s. And we need them NOW.

The Jews at the New York Times are getting triggered TO THE MAX that their precious fruit pickers and taco vendors are being kicked out of the country.

In their feeble, pathetic attempt to try and stop this, they published an embarassing article trying to somehow justify importing low IQ primitives.

We’re hitting levels of Hubris that shouldn’t even be possible.

New York Times:

Let’s just say it plainly: The United States needs more low-skilled immigrants.

You might consider, for starters, the enormous demand for low-skilled workers, which could well go unmet as the baby boom generation ages out of the labor force, eroding the labor supply. Eight of the 15 occupations expected to experience the fastest growth between 2014 and 2024 — personal care and home health aides, food preparation workers, janitors and the like — require no schooling at all.

Nobody “wants” unskilled laborers, you lying Jew rats.

They just want people they can pay less money for. If there were high IQ, well educated and highly skilled people willing to work for 5$ per hour, they’d hire those instead of the beaners.

The New York Times is actually pretending, without blushing, that useless retards are a precious commodity.

They’re not.

If “unskilled” labor was precious, Blacks wouldn’t all be on welfare.

“Ten years from now there are going to be lots of older people with relatively few low-skilled workers to change their bedpans,” said David Card, a professor of economics at the University of California, Berkeley. “That is going to be a huge problem.”

Boomers, the Jews are telling you to your face that the only people who will take care of you as you grow old are beanpeople who don’t even speak English.

I guess you should have had kids after all, huh?

Don’t worry, I’m sure that for 5$ per hour, Jorgita will be doing a very good job of changing your diapers and giving you regular baths.

But the argument for low-skilled immigration is not just about filling an employment hole. The millions of immigrants of little skill who swept into the work force in the 25 years up to the onset of the Great Recession — the men washing dishes in the back of the restaurant, the women emptying the trash bins in office buildings — have largely improved the lives of Americans.

So basically, the New York Time’s arguments for letting in millions of low-IQ brown people boils down to this:

  1. Big business wants to pay people very low wages and Americans aren’t willing to work for so little money.
  2. Having these brown slaves serving us for peanuts is really improving our lives.
  3. The brown people will buy American products, so it’s good for the economy.

Exactly the same argument could be made in favor of slavery. And look where that got us.

Not the place you want to be.

Of course, none of this even holds up to any kind of scrutiny.

If we didn’t have all these people here willing to work for abhorrent salaries, then companies would be forced to pay higher wages, increasing prices if necessary. And while having Mexican servants can make you more comfortable, that’s insignificant compared to the stress of living among all sorts of weird foreigners.

Yeah, but these Jose’s will redo your porch for so little money… Why not endure a little enrichment, for such impressive savings?

Our resources are limited, and our men are the smartest and most skilled in the world. Importing dumb brown people can only harm our nations as a whole, as anything we’d have them do could be done more efficiently by our own people.

The New York Times is fake news.