We Desperately Need More Black Men to Become Nurses

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
November 28, 2017

Niggerbitches are already such good nurses, imagine what Black men could do for our society.

You’re 80, cancer-stricken and in your hospital bed. While you always feel terrible these days, you start to feel particularly ill at ease and pain starts to flare up in your chest. You press the emergency button, hoping a nurse comes soon to look after you.

A few agonizing minutes later, a White woman in a blue uniform shuffles into the room. You start to get anxious.

“My chest hurts terribly,” you tell her.

She looks confused and apathetic. Your fears are confirmed.

“Isn’t there anything you can do?” you ask.

“Nah, man, it’s late and shit. Plus, my shift ’bout to end. Look, just take these pills here and chill,” she answers nonchalantly.

“You don’t even know what the problem is! Don’t you have any Black male nurse who could actually help me?” I snapped back.

“All them niggas quit, cause of old racist crackas like you. Now you stuck with us whitey nurses. So take your damn pills and don’t call me again.”

She leaves, shuffling back out of the room. You look at the bottle she gave you. Laxatives. Your pain keeps growing, until it reaches a crescendo. You die shortly thereafter, from a heart attack.

This could all have been avoided, if a Black male nurse had been at the scene.

If we don’t do something about the lack of Black male nurses in our hospitals, this could be your future, White man.


Chris, a nurse I interviewed recently, is regularly mistaken for hospital housekeeping staff: “I come [to work] in my white uniform. That’s what I wear. Being a black man, I know they won’t look at me the same, so I dress the part. I said, ‘Good evening, my name’s Chris, and I’m going to be your nurse.’ She says to me, ‘Are you from housekeeping?’ ” This wasn’t the only time he’s had his occupation questioned while he’s practicing it: “I’ve walked in and had a lady look at me and ask if I’m the janitor.”

Is it any wonder these Blacks won’t do the difficult and demanding job of being nurse, when we treat them with such racism? How can we expect Blacks to take care of us in our old age when we mistake them as janitors? This is a disaster.

With a rapidly aging population, longer life spans, and few care facilities in many rural areas, the demand for nurses is high, and the profession has deliberately sought to recruit more men. At the same time, fields that have traditionally been male-dominated—especially manufacturing and construction—have been hit hard over the years, and especially since the 2008 recession. Consequently, some have hoped men would be attracted to nursing given that it is a field that offers stable, well-paying work in a growing industry. Yet nursing still remains predominantly female and white. While many have focused on the barriers to getting men in general to enter nursing, my research shows that black men, who are drastically underrepresented in nursing, may in fact be the group of men most motivated to enter the field, even despite an often racist environment.

Racists may object that Blacks may be interested in nursing because of the easy access to large supplies of drugs, that may be resold on the streets or consumed for recreational purposes. For those entertaining such thought, I have only one thing to say: shame on you.

Black junkies and drug dealers are a anti-Black canard.

In a study of unemployed married men and women, sociologist Ofer Sharone finds that this pressure to pursue traditionally male-dominated work even spills over into marriages. “Unemployed men, but not unemployed women, report marital tensions due to their spouses being critical of the types of jobs that they are pursuing,” says Sharone. This culture of enforcing gendered boundaries around the profession can explain why persistent ideas about gender and femininity make professions like nursing a hard sell.

But in a study of black men in nursing, I found that they by and large were unfazed by the perceptions of nursing as a “woman’s job.”They were aware of the stereotypes about gender and nursing and obviously noted that most of their colleagues in the field were women. But for black men, the gender-based pressures to avoid this professional field were muted by other forces that they found more compelling.

Racists may object that Black males may be interested in nursing because the field is overwhelmingly composed of White women, which may give these men opportunities to satisfy “muh dick.” For those entertaining such thought, I have only one thing to say: shame on you.

It’s because of attitudes like these that we’ve got this nursing crisis.

It’s time to embrace the only people who can save this civilization: niggers.