“We Can’t Tell You When Lockdown Will End,” Says UK’s Chief Scientific Adviser

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
March 31, 2020

Sir Patrick Vallance

This is absolutely insane. They are forcing everyone to remain inside of their homes without telling them for how long.

How are people supposed to buy food during this lockdown of undetermined duration if they’re not working, if the economy is collapsing, if supply-chains are being destroyed, and everything is being thrown into oblivion?

Daily Mail:

The UK’s chief scientific adviser has said that the Government cannot tell the public when lockdown will end – because they don’t know.

Speaking at Downing Street’s daily virus news conference tonight, Sir Patrick Vallance said that it would be ‘premature’ to put a time frame on the next steps of the fight against coronavirus because cases and deaths must stabilise first.

I think its premature to put a time, an absolute time, on how long this goes on for,’ he said.

Sir Patrick said that the first step was to reduce the rate of transmission to ensure the NHS can cope with the amount of Covid-19 cases.

We need to do phase one then we need to think about how we release these [measures] in the right way and at the right approach,’ he added.

Sir Patrick also warned admissions will continue to rise for three weeks before slowing.

But he said the number of new hospitalisations was rising gradually, suggesting strict social measures introduced last week were having the ‘desired effect’.

It comes as figures suggest the outbreak in the UK may finally be starting to slow after the daily death toll dropped for the second day in a row, with 180 new fatalities recorded overnight.

What’s likely to happen is that they’ll “end” the lockdown and only allow young people to go back to work while keeping restaurants, bars, and pretty much any other place of social gathering closed because of “social isolation” being needed to slow the spread of the virus, and then after a few weeks or months tell people that “phase two” has started and that everyone must go back to being locked in their homes.

People will lose their minds and start rioting and doing random acts of destruction.

Then the ones who survive the madness will be the perfect goyim.

Docile, obedient, easily trained and good at adapting to radical changes in their daily lives.

But most important: scared to death of the flu.