We Can Get Women Involved in Nationalism Using This ONE WEIRD TRICK!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 21, 2016

For decades, male feminist members of the nationalist community have struggled to figure out a way to get Aryan Princesses politically active in the nationalist scene.

But I’ve figured it out by watching a recent video of a Trump supporter and his women defending nationalist policies.

Watch the video and see if you can figure out the ONE WEIRD TRICK which is going to finally get women involved in nationalist politics.

For those without time to watch the video, here are some screenshots.

daily-stormer_098 daily-stormer_099 daily-stormer_105daily-stormer_103 daily-stormer_104 daily-stormer_106

Did you figure out the ONE WEIRD TRICK?

With this ONE WEIRD TRICK, we will be able to save nationalism AND feminism.

Because women are independent-minded and conscious beings – we just need to formulate the right message to suck them in so they will want to fight for their race – and we sure aren’t going to do that by being against feminism and asserting authoritarian, patriarchal control over their every move so as to prevent them from stabbing us in the back and selling us down the river every chance they get.

Let me just tell you this: Aryan Princesses are TOTALLY CAPABLE of making the right decision and embracing White Nationalism.

We just need ONE WEIRD TRICK!