We are Not Biologically Adapted to Being Lied to by Those in Authority

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 23, 2018

I wrote a thing about all of the various lies that have been told with regards to the wars in the Middle East, and the way people have just gone along with them, despite the clearly nonsensical nature of the various lines of reasoning, and the conflicting lines of reasoning (i.e., why are we gifting democracy to enemies who are planning to nuke us).

It is worth pointing out in the context of this “we will just believe whatever” nature of the population that human beings, white people in particular, are not evolved to recognize lies coming from authority figures.

Most of our mental processes happen in the subconscious mind. And for most people, the subconscious mind informs the conscious mind of what it should be doing, in the same way that the inner-workings of a computer inform the screen what it should be displaying. And our subconscious minds function on very old, hardwired programs which were never updated for modern technological civilization.

In the environment which we evolved, which was a tribal situation in the cold, the interests of the leadership would always overlap with the interests of the general population. What was good for the tribal chief and the tribal elders was good for the tribe and vise versa.

Furthermore, before the advent of economics, people in general had very little reason to lie to one another in any context, unless it was over some small human relational thing (primarily sexual intrigue, which is by no coincidence the thing that human beings remain the most suspicious of). The concept of leaders lying about a war would be unheard of, because the leader was the individual most certain to die if a war went wrong. So the hardware of people’s brains has no system wherein to register the idea that when someone says “these people are trying to kill us, we have to go fight them” that they are being untruthful and have some ulterior motive.

Furthermore, we have no biological context for televisions. Our subconscious minds register someone on a TV talking as a real person in the room talking to us, and register information based on that. This is why there was much more scrutiny of the First and Second World Wars than of the more recent wars. Our brains are telling us that these talking heads on TV are both authority figures and our personal friends, who visit our homes and sit in our living rooms and talk to us every day, and the mind does not have any context to place the concept that they are all lying in order to undermine society.

Finally, there is no neural context for the modern secular Jew, who has shaved his beard and taken off his hat and pretended to be a normal member of our society. When Jews had the beards and the hats, usually spoke another language amongst themselves, they could be registered by the brain as an “other,” and were thus treated much differently. It was always understood that they, as a separate group, had a separate agenda. An entire nation could quickly turn against them.

We now have a type of alien shapeshifter situation, which is why you have so many conservatives – who are in fact “racist” on some level, even though they’ve been trained to only express it in codewords – incapable of understanding the Jewish issue, even while they are against immigration, against black integration, etc.

Hopefully this understanding helps people to frame things better. It is easy to simply dismiss people as stupid, but then that becomes confusing when you realize that people who are objectively not stupid – people who are even very successful in business and their personal lives – are able to believe such ridiculous lies.