Wayne LaPierre Wins NRA Power Struggle – Oliver North is Out! You Get to Keep Your Guns!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 28, 2019

I predicth thith.

I said yesterday that because Wayne LaPierre went public with the Oliver North extortion plot to oust him, LaPierre would win the power struggle.

And he has won.

This means we get to keep our guns a little while longer.

ABC News:

Retired Marine Lt. Col. Oliver North announced on Saturday that he will not serve a second term as president of the National Rifle Association, after he said that he has lost support from the gun-right group’s board following a dispute with longtime NRA chief executive and vice president, Wayne LaPierre.

The announcement followed a letter that LaPierre sent to NRA board members on Thursday, stating that North was trying to push him out by threatening to release “damaging” information about him to the board.

The dust-up came as New York State Attorney General Letititia James announced late on Saturday that her office is investigating the NRA and has issued subpoenas. A source close to the investigation confirmed to ABC News that the probe is focused on the NRA’s finances and its status as a tax-exempt non-profit.

This was truly an amazing drama that the media isn’t doing justice, at all. They are reporting the facts, but not putting together what a fascinating and actually astonishing series of events has taken place here.

I’ll lay it out for you lads.

They are riding hard against the NRA because it is literally the last functional right-wing institution in the United States.

They are launching all kinds of lawsuits against them.

I have no idea why they put a spook like North in the ceremonial role of President, but the fact that he even wanted that job should have been suspicious.

Just so you understand how “ceremonial” the role is, Charlton Heston served as President.

It is simply a spokesperson role.

Wayne LaPierre, who is technically the “Executive Vice-President,” has been running the organization since 1991. I don’t know why they use these titles in this order, it would make more sense to call LaPierre the Prime Minister. Or Executive Chairman. Or whatever.

Anyway, no, it isn’t a power position, and North was only put in it because he is a celebrity, because he became a sex symbol during Iran Contra.

Whatever you think about that particular scandal, North is a spook. And involving a spook in your organization is always dumb. The only possible reason he would be attempting to oust LaPierre is to destroy the organization. North was threatening to publicly accuse him of embezzlement and sexual scandals if he didn’t resign, and his stated reason for running the extortion scandal was that LaPierre was spending too much on airplane tickets and suits.

North became the President in October of last year.

So he walks in, in a ceremonial role, and a few months later he’s saying “you know, this guy who’s been running the organization for 30 years sure is spending a lot of money on travel and wardrobe. Let’s threaten to metoo him if he doesn’t resign.”

Come on now.

This is a total spook hitjob, trying to remove LaPierre while the organization is under assault with all of these lawsuits so they can just destroy it.

LaPierre is the only right-wing leader in America with any competence whatsoever, at all. Seriously. Name another person. Even trying to think of someone, the only one that comes to mind is Sheriff Joe. Chris Kobach is competent, but he isn’t actually getting anything done.

For those of you who don’t recall, a year ago LaPierre gave the now infamous “European-Style Socialist” CPAC speech where he listed off the names of over a dozen Jews trying to do gun control, and basically came inches away from saying “this is a Jewish agenda against white people.”

I’m sure that upset them quite a bit – and they wrote about it a lot – but that isn’t the reason they sent North in to oust him. They are trying to oust him simply because he is competent and they want to take your guns away.

And understand: the NRA is the singular last line of defense of the Second Amendment. If it were not for them, we would have New York City style gun control across the entire country. Which means that only criminals are allowed to own guns.

And the Jews have won every single other battle against whitey – they are literally taking children away from their parents so they can shoot them up with tranny hormones.

Free speech has been crushed through the backdoor methods of:

  1. Using libertarianism to say that private companies can silence anyone they want on the internet
  2. Sending antifa to attack people who organize in ze public space and then charging anyone who defends themselves with assault

If they take guns, they have literally destroyed the last vestige of Americanism.

The NRA should have a normal celebrity as the ceremonial President.

I guess Bruce Willis wouldn’t want to deal with the heat because he’s still got a solid career going and Clint Eastwood is too old. There must be some reason they haven’t already used Ted Nugent.

I think Chuck Norris would be a good call. He’s an OG meme, he’s a good speaker, fun guy, not an evil spook who is going to try to throw a coup.