Water on Mars. We Can’t Build a City There Though. We Have to Pay for Child Trannies and Double-Pregnant Elsa.

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 22, 2018

There is plenty of water.

Meaning we could easily colonize the planet.


The European Space Agency has shared an incredible composite image showing a 50-mile wide crater on Mars that is filled with water ice all year long.

Budding future colonists hoping for a white Christmas on Mars will be somewhat disappointed as the ESA has confirmed that sitting in the Korolev crater is, in fact, a thick block of water ice, not snow. The enormous, 82-kilometer-wide, 2-kilometer-deep “ice trap” could still be good for ice skating though.

Even better, the 2,200 cubic kilometers of water ice – same as the volume of Canada’s Great Bear Lake – could be important for the survival of future colonists, and may even enable them to return back home, as water could be split into hydrogen and oxygen for rocket fuel.

There’s a reason we can’t colonize Mars though, unfortunately.

We’re strapped for cash.

We gotta pay for child trannies to have hormone injections. And then that whole dick-snipping business.

It’s a human right.

Then we’ve got double-pregnant Elsa to pay for.

And billions just like her, who the Jewish Sanhedrin court has ruled all have a right to live in America.

Because it’s sad that their countries are poor, they must come to our country and live on welfare.

And after all, this country was founded by 75-IQ Central American immigrants coming to live on welfare provided by white people.

It is going to cost trillions and trillions. We’re going to have to build houses for billions of them, then feed and clothe them while they breed at an astronomical rate.

We’re really going to have to lower our quality of life and work more to make sure these people are all taken care of.

It’s a human right.

Furthermore, we’ve got to start paying lots of new taxes to stop the weather from changing.

I’m sorry, guys.

A city on Mars just isn’t in the cards.

We’ve got much more pressing matters to deal with.

And yes, there probably would have been a Puerto Rican hooker with three titties there.

But you won’t ever be able to suck on those triple titties.

Elsa’s gut is similar in formation to a triple-rack.

She’d probably let you suck on that.

If that’s not good enough for you then, well, I guess you should have thought of that before you gassed all those innocent Jews in fake shower rooms 70 years ago.