Watch: Woman Sexually Assaults Cop During Arrest

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
October 22, 2019

It’s time to talk about the uncomfortable fact that women are the greatest sexual assault perpetrators in the history of sexual assault.

Daily Mail:

A new video of a woman being arrested is going viral as it appears to show the arrestee grinding on the police officer as he puts her in cuffs.

The clip shared by Barstool Sports on Sunday shows the blonde being pushed up to a business window as the cop holds her hands behind her back.

But the more than 3 million viewers have been shocked by what comes next in the footage.

It’s unclear what the woman is saying to the officer before the video begins but she then moans: ‘Ah, yeah. You like that? You like that?’

Spectators are heard guffawing as the handcuffed woman presses her face further up against the glass and utters the inappropriate words while bending her knees to encourage her behind to protrude toward the officer.

As the woman wearing a red pants sticks out her derriere and rubs it against the cop’s groin, he seemingly attempts to ignore her and calls for backup.

But the woman’s apparent attempt to get the officer to release her from his clutches doesn’t appear to work and he presses back with his thigh to detain her.

Meanwhile she continues to use the strength of her hips to push away.

It’s unclear where and when the incident took place or what prompted the arrest. But it appears to occur in a busy nightlife area.

Women are constantly getting away with stuff that would be considered Total Rape if the sexes were reversed. Just imagine if the cop was female and a male suspect started pushing his groin against her, telling her “you like that? you like that?” while he was being arrested.

These sluts are also known to randomly grab men’s asses, to casually push their tits against men’s chest and shoulders in public transport, to “accidentally” rub their glutes against distracted men while passing by and so on and so forth.

It’s utterly insane how much they get away with, and that’s not even going into everyday domestic life and intimacy.

But it’s not just physical. They also sexually assault men by dressing provocatively. Just as mean words are a form of violence, skimpy clothing is a form of sexual assault. It is the macro-kind of microaggression, as men are far more easily stimulated through visuals than women because testosterone and stuff.

It gets even worse when you consider that these sick creeps sexually assault other species too on a daily basis.

Women are in a position of authority over cats, and they abuse that authority to fulfill their perverse desires.

Daily Mail:

A Himalayan cat has been captured pushing its owner away when they tried to get a cuddle in their home in Canada.

In the hilarious clip, the girl cradles the fluffy cat in her arms while the animal looks up peacefully, in Dorval, Quebec in Canada.

She slowly tilts her head towards the kitty in the video filmed in selfie-mode as the cat whips up its paw in her face, in the heartwarming video posted on October 19.

The cat-lover moves her head away to avoid the kitty’s paw – and in the hope that her beloved pet will stop resisting.

But much to her disappointment the fluffy feline keeps it rested on her face and her owner’s cuddles at a literal arms length.

Moments later, the pet owner shifts her face away and then turns it back quickly to try and catch the Himalayan kitty out.

How clear do women need the message to be?

Cats can’t even speak. They are not consenting.

They literally use their paws to push away women but they get assaulted anyways.

This is all very sick and insane.

Don’t even get me started on how they also objectify and sexually assault their dildos. No one is talking about making women’s sex toys require consent because apparently people don’t think consent be like it is — but it do.

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