Watch: White Woman Energetically Defends Black Lives Against Devilish Police

White women are the worst of the worst. They betray white men, and consequently, they betray white people as a whole by hating what they are and keeping invaluable white wombs from white men, effectively preventing the creation of future white people.

She’s only concerned about male black lives.

There is literally no other group of women aggressively defending the men of other races to the extent that white women shill for colored males. It is an astonishing thing to witness.

Picture yourself in a medieval siege, defending your city against MOSLEM invaders, and understand that in such a scenario, the white women of today would be rioting inside the walls that you’re defending, attempting every trick imaginable in order to get you to open the gates and let the invading army take them.

Daily Mail:

A white woman was filmed angrily confronting two black police officers at a protest in Washington D.C. Tuesday, telling them that ‘they are part of the problem’.

The video of the protester, filmed by Henry Rodgers, a senior congressional correspondent for The Daily Caller, went viral after she went on a fiery rant about how being white did not stop her from criticizing the black cops.

The woman faced off with at least three black officers during a protest at Black Lives Matter Plaza near the White House which lasted late into the night.

In the video, the unidentified woman – wearing black leggings and a crop top with a printed face mask and hat – stands in front of two black male cops holding a sign reading ‘Police the Police’.

Why don’t you take off your uniform? Are you afraid of police?‘ she asks but the officers do not respond and continue looking straight ahead.

Rodgers then interjects and asks the woman: ‘I have a question for you. You’re white and you’re telling this to two black police officers? Don’t you see the problem with that a little bit?

The protesters whips round to face Rodgers and declares that she can ‘fight for justice’ even if she is white.

‘No, I don’t,’ she says to Rodgers’ question. ‘Just because I’m white and I haven’t experienced racism myself doesn’t mean I can’t fight for justice.’

‘They’re a part of the system. They’re a part of the problem,’ she continues, pointing at the officers.

‘Just because they’re black doesn’t mean they’re not a part of the problem. I’m allowed to say this to whoever. Because I’m white, racism is a white person’s problem.

Racism is my problem. I need to fix this. That’s why I’m here. I’m talking to all of them. Black, white, f****in’ brown, purple. I don’t give a sh**‘.

As of Wednesday evening, the video had been viewed more than 2.7million times.

A second video of the same woman showed her confronting a third cop at the same protest.

White men invented everything that is used to generate wealth today and built the best countries in the world, yet these women view primitive savages that don’t even understand the world they live in as noble, virile males being oppressed by the evil white devil.

And instead of embracing the white devil label and taking control over what’s ours, white men try to explain how we’re actually not evil by giving away even more of our power.

It is kind of how the media attacked Trump for everything while Trump didn’t really did anything.

If they’re already saying that you’re a racist genocidal dictator for just wanting to build a wall and to keep foreigners from looting your country even if you haven’t built anything yet, what are they going to do if you actually build it? Scream harder? They’re already acting as if you did, so why not just go ahead and do what needs to be done?