Watch: Waves of PLASTIC Crash on South African Shoreline

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
December 16, 2019

Plastics and disposable consumer products are turning our environment into a nightmare realm of horror.

Daily Mail:

Shocking footage shows waves of plastic crashing on a litter-strewn beach in South Africa.

Josh Redman filmed the polluted water at a spot near Durban, the country’s third biggest city.

In the video, the sea carries huge amounts of waste towards an already contaminated shoreline.

Hundreds of bottles can be seen thrown around in the choppy water as it washes towards the rubbish-covered beach.

Mr Redman said: ‘This is the result of our big summer rains flushing out all the pollution that had build up on riverbanks over our dry season which is our Winter.

This has happened time and time again and our government are not dealing with it as the crisis it is.

‘There need to be some international pressure put on them to work towards a solution because trying to get something done from ground level here in South Africa is impossible.

‘This is Durban’s main river mouth and it is also the biggest contributor of plastic pollution into the ocean in South Africa’.

It is unclear if the local government has taken action against the disposal of rubbish in the area.

“Proper” disposal of these things is nothing but sweeping the problem under the rug.

The idea that virtually every product and thing that people buy must come with a disposable packaging thing to eventually or immediately throwaway is beyond ridiculous.

There are no words to accurately describe the absurdity of this situation where billions of people buy billions of small things that come wrapped in some form of disposable plastic every single day and produce mountains upon mountains of garbage that are slowly but surely creeping their way back to the people that “disposed” of them.

It is like the plot of one of those funny horror movies that don’t take themselves seriously, except that this isn’t really funny because it is actually happening.

The garbage monster is real.

Things should be as reusable and as non-toxic as possible both for the sake of the planet and people’s health.

If Greta Thunberg campaigned against the consumerist lifestyle and plastics, she could probably have an actual impact on the way that the younger generations view the world. Instead, she is complaining about airplanes and farting cows.

Evil Cows and their farts are behind global warming.

We have to abandon plastics and disposable things before we’re buried in the corpses of the things we once consumed.