Watch: This is What White Women are Doing to Our Children at School

If you want to understand what our children are being taught in school about race and “white privilege,” please watch this video of British children being taught critical race theory.

This is pure communist indoctrination, and it is just almost unbelievable that it is happening in real life.

How about asking why all these brown people are in their country that our ancestors built?

Why is no one asking that question?

If they’re having such a hard time, why did they come? Why don’t they go back? What is the purpose of traveling across the planet to be oppressed?

Britain, I doubt, is much more extreme than the urban areas of US at this point, frankly.

You can pretty much assume that this is what your children are being taught if you live in any kind of urban area in the Western world.

That’s one of the reasons I’ve told all of you: get out of the cities.

This sort of thing isn’t happening in small town America, I can tell you that.