Watch: South Africa’s President Struggles to Put Face Mask On

Now I understand why the black Attorney General of the US was telling people they need to be careful not to wear their face masks “wrong.”

Putting on a face mask appears to be some kind of IQ test.

Daily Mail:

South Africa President Cyril Ramaphosa was captured struggling to get his facemask on after delivering a speech on the importance of wearing them, in a blunder livestreamed yesterday.

Before suffering the face mask mishap President Ramaphosa annouced that the nation would be easing some of their lockdown restrictions from next month.

He urged those leaving their homes to travel on public transport to wear face masks, and then attempted to give an instructive demonstration on how to wear a mask – which did not go to plan.

Leading by example the president stretches the fabric mask around one of his ears, but struggles to hook the other ear in the elastic.

A second later the mask rebels, pinging off his face before President Ramaphosa firmly places it back over his ears, this time leaving his eyes covered by the mask like a blindfold.

Twitter humourously reacted to the video clip of the president grappling with the mask which was shared widely on social media.

Using the hashtags #MaskOnChallenge and #CyrilMaskChallenge people shared posts of themselves incorrectly wearing face masks over their eyes.

Today the president responded to the social media reaction, telling Enca: ‘Well for those of you who were laughing at me yesterday, I am going to open a TV channel where i’m going to teach poeple to put on a mask. So you can enroll how a mask is put on.’

African blacks don’t really understand anything about curves in need of flattening, quarantine, contagion, and death rates — they’re just doing what they see everyone else doing and what the WHO and white veterinarians tell them to do.

Did he even put on his suit all by himself?

They must be getting really paranoid about this “coronavirus” thing, hearing all kinds of fake horror stories from white people’s media.

In a way, exposing blacks to this level of germophobia and hypochondria is abuse.

Why should they have to live in fear of the flu?

It’s not as if they’re not used to literally living with farm animals and spending the day covered in cow poop.

How can someone tell them, with a straight face, that eating bat soup and interacting with animals resulted in some kind of phantom menace that’s out to get them?

They’re not going to understand any of it.

They’re just going to be stressed out.