Watch: Rudy Giuliani’s Son Stands for Israel, Wants New York to Respect Israel

I guess when you’re in New York, you’ve gotta give Shylock his pound of flesh.

But it’s so disgusting to witness.

Daily Mail:

Andrew Giuliani, the son of Rudy Giuliani who is running for the governorship of New York state, has been caught in a cringeworthy spat with a TikTok personality known as ‘Crackhead Barney’.

Giuliani was seen campaigning in New York’s Times Square to supposedly make his bid for the state’s highest office.

Crackhead Barney came up to speak with the contender with the interview beginning with some straightforward questions as to why the 35-year-old was running.

‘I’m running for governor. I’m standing for Israel today,’ Giuliani said.

‘Are you gonna be like your daddy?’ the TikTok star asked.

I want to see a New York where you have Israel that is respected,’ Giuliani said.

We’re closing in on a Republican Anagnorisis on the Jewish question.

I just don’t think it can go on much longer.

The biggest element of Donald Trump losing the plot is when he slipped into the Israel worship – something that he was against during the 2016 campaign.

Trump has now lost influence, more or less completely, because of his support for vaccines and his inability to manage being banned from Twitter.

A new day is coming quickly.