WATCH: Patriarch Kirill Believes Liberalism is a Sin, Elites Need to Repent!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
October 21, 2019

Patriarch Kirill, head of the Russian Orthodox Church, is pretty much the only prominent Christian leader left in the world. Literally no one else comes to mind.

Kirill is certainly the only religious figure that has ever inspired any confidence in me or anyone with my politics. I’m doubtful that the average Orthodox priest is anywhere near as erudite and based as Kirill, but he serves as an example of what a Christian leader should look, act and speak like.

In the above video, from a recent inspirational speech by the patriarch, he states the following:

  • St. Petersburg started the Russian revolution because of comprador elites and intelligentsia who fell for the Devil’s lies
  • Liberalism is based on the concept of overthrowing righteous authority (and instituting an unjust tyranny of insane nerds in its place)

Patriarch Kirill is pretty consistent in his view and talks a lot about shared Christian values.

He met with US diplomat John Hantsman a year ago and asked him why America was becoming a debauched liberal shithole.

He dropped some truth bombs on Hantsman, in effect tossing pearls before swine:

  • Russians always liked Americans because they thought they were similar, had Christian values
  • But Christianity is being actively destroyed in the West, there is an active “Atheization”
  • Russia has not given up on God, which means that the distance between the US and Russia is greater now than it was before
  • Globalization is destroying shared values, will lead to conflict
  • The USSR collapsed because they gave up on God and Christianity (hints that USSA will follow the same path)
  • Says he wants to be able to start a dialogue with America’s Christians

As far as religious figures go, I don’t think it gets any better than this guy.

To be fair, the Dalai Lama is definitely in the running as well.

Patriarch Kirill does a weekly televised address that takes the form of a sermon. It is not, to my knowledge, consistently being translated or put out in English.

But they go something like this:

These broadcasts would be a big hit in the West if someone told Kirill to step up the fire and brimstone rhetoric and get a translator already.¬†Funny enough, if the Orthodox Church wanted to supplant the Catholics and Protestants, there would literally be no better time than now to start working on that. Everyone hates the Pedo Pope and the absolute state of Protestantism isn’t even worth commenting on.

Meanwhile, the Moscow Patriarch has already brought the expat Orthodox community back under its wing.

Long story short, this guy has celebrity/meme potential.

Even the Moslems inadvertently make him seem really cool with their propaganda:

We need to get this guy in contact with pick-up artist turned Orthodox travel vlogger, Roosh Valizadeh.

I think the two of them could hammer out something together that appeals to a lot of young men in the West.

And eventually, given enough time, I am certain that Orthodoxy will wholeheartedly embrace the grim-dark mantle that it was born to wear proudly and unrepentantly become the galactic religion that we know they have it in themselves to be!

Repent before it is too late, heretics!