Watch: Obese White Woman Attacks Brown People for Not Following Social Distancing Rules

This is the future of the West.

Obese white women exploding in anger while brown people fantasize about beheading them.

You watch that video, realize that is taking place in Birmingham, England, and you realize that we do deserve to be punished by God.

Daily Mail:

This is the shocking moment a woman started lunging at shop workers and customers before being bundled to the floor after a brawl broke out in a supermarket over social distancing rules.

Dramatic video captured the violence erupting inside the store in the Lozells area of Birmingham after the woman allegedly mistook one customer for a staff member.

She was said to have become angry at the man for failing to follow social distancing measures at the New Medina Superstore on Easter Sunday.

In the video, the woman can be heard asking the store owner: ‘Do you own this shop? Why do you have a worker like that?’

She starts lunging at several men who quickly surround her and become involved in the scuffle as another person starts shouting: ‘He is a customer. He is a customer.’

A group of men start to shove her towards the door as bystanders look on bemused at what is happening as products are strewn across the aisles.

The woman is apparently wrestled to the floor by the men in the busy shop.

They were allowed to wrestle her to the floor because they’re not white, obviously.

A man in a red top then intervenes, telling the men: ‘There were five of you on a woman. Just calm down, calm down.’

The owner responds: ‘She smashed up my shop. I haven’t done anything wrong. It was all her.’

A worker at the Medina Superstore, who did not want to be named, said tempers flared after the woman became irate at a man flouting social distancing rules.

The store can be seen full of customers, despite government advice to remain 6ft (2m) apart, while only a few people are wearing masks or protective equipment.

Female logic:

  1. Get angry because people are not following social distancing rules and getting close to you
  2. Get close to people because you’re angry with them
  3. Proceed to increase your chances of catching germs by physically attacking people because they increased your chances of catching germs by being near you
  4. ????
  5. Feel

This kind of insane hilarity will start turning less and less hilarious and more and more insane as people continue to lose whatever’s currently left of their minds due to the coronavirus hysteria.

White women are going to be at the center of that hysteria.