Watch: Moslem Does Knife Attack in Melbourne, Australia, Wounds a Few Before Being Shot Dead

Octavio Rivera
Daily Stormer
November 9, 2018

Notice the language richness in the video.

The attacker.

Truly progressive.

ABC News:

A man shot by police after stabbing three people in Melbourne’s Bourke Street has died in hospital.

“From what we know of that individual, we are treating this as a terrorism incident.”

He said the attacker, 31, was known to “federal intelligence authorities” as well as to Victoria Police.

“He’s known to police mainly in respect to relatives he has that are certainly persons of interest to us.”

One witness said the driver got out of the car and threw “something like a bomb” inside before it erupted into flames.

An eyewitness said someone walked up to the alleged driver and was stabbed directly in the chest.

Witnesses said the man began randomly stabbing people in the street.

Here’s video coverage from ABC News with different view angles:

Mr Ashton said when police arrived at the scene, the man approached the police vehicle and punched one of the officers through the car window.

Even after that, the officers didn’t immediately use lethal force and tried to dodge his attacks while trying to use their tasers.

He said the police officers involved were being offered welfare support.

Of course, ISIS has already claimed responsibility for it.

This attack could have easily been prevented if only they’d have banned everything with a blade. Tools, kitchen stuff, doesn’t matter. Ban blades, ban guns, ban trucks, cars, and every vehicle but bicycles.

What’s the last time you heard of a bicycle attack? Exactly.

Banning stuff works. We just have to ban enough of it.