Watch: Monkey Rides a Bicycle, Tries to Kidnap Toddler

While most of the world is focused on coronavirus, their jobs, and the economy, monkeys are learning, planning, and executing their plans.

Little monkeys may not be able to win a fight against grown humans, but they can win a fight against miniature humans.

They can also just kidnap miniature humans, instruct them in the Monkey Arts, and create their own army of Tarzan-like humans to fight on their behalf.

Daily Mail:

A monkey has been filmed speeding along on a bicycle before abandoning it to grab a young girl’s dress and pull her along an alley.

Witnesses screamed when they saw the monkey ‘trying to kidnap’ a toddler.

The video, thought to have been filmed in Tanjungsari Village, Indonesia, showed the animal speeding along a narrow street on a bike.

As it reached a bench where a woman and her three young daughters were sitting, the monkey grabbed at one of the girls’ dresses and pulled her from the bench.

The situation turned more sinister as the monkey continued to pull the girl along the road.

Eventually another man ran into the shot and scared the monkey away from the toddler. She ran crying back to her mother.

And social media users think they have an explanation for what was happening.

When the video went viral on Reddit one user wrote: ‘OK so what really happens is those monkeys get put on a toy bike (that doesn’t have an engine) and a collar with a rope on it.

‘The owner then yanks the cord so the monkey flies from one end of the street to the other while steering.

‘Pretty cruel and that’s probably why the monkey is so strung out. You can see the owner trying to pull back on the cord and he pulls the monkey while it hangs on to the kid, and in the start yanking the cord to propel the bike.’

Some may say that the idea that monkeys are organizing against humans is ludicrous, but those are the same people who wouldn’t believe that a monkey can ride a small bicycle to swiftly bypass big humans and reach the miniature humans.

Those are the same people who wouldn’t believe that a small monkey may attempt to kidnap a toddler. These people will come up with all kinds of crazy explanations for why the monkey wasn’t literally riding a bicycle, why the monkey wasn’t literally trying to kidnap a toddler, and why the monkey’s human accomplice pulling from a cord is actually “his owner.”

But you watched the video.

You know the truth.

Believe your eyes.