Watch: Mass Protests Against Vaccine Mandates and Coronavirus Restrictions in Germany

What we’ve noticed is that the protests are very big and that nothing is happening.


Thousands of people took the streets of multiple cities in the former East Germany to express their dismay at coronavirus restrictions and vaccine mandates introduced amid the Omicron variant spread.

Some 3,500 demonstrators turned out for a protest against the restrictions in Magdeburg, the capital of Germany’s Saxony-Anhalt state on Monday. Protesters marched down the city center chanting “Resistance!” and other slogans against the sweeping measures imposed on account of the rapid spread of the new Covid-19 strain in Europe.

Some 30 separate demonstrations, the majority of them against the government’s coronavirus policy, were held in Saxony-Anhalt on Monday alone. About 1,500 people took to the streets in Halberstadt, a town of just over 40,000 people.

In Wittenberg, which is home to about 46,000 people, some 1,300 showed up for the protest.

Smaller demonstrations took place in Naumburg, Querfurt, Schönebeck, Aschersleben, and Dessau, among others.

Significantly more people took part in the protests [this week] than last week,” local media reported, citing police estimates. The protest sentiment has been on the rise in the eastern German state.

Protests are good and of course I support them.

But the only thing that is going to work is non-compliance.

Don’t wear the mask. Don’t social distance. Don’t do any of this weird stuff. If they take you to jail, go to jail.

Better yet – go somewhere where people aren’t going to try to force you to comply. Then, non-compliance is not very hard work.