WATCH: Man’s Legs Cut Off Due to Inadequate Upper Body Strength of Female Police Officer

Allowing women to become police officers is almost as ridiculous as allowing them to join the military.

It would be funny if it wasn’t hurting innocent people.


A Lodi California police officer is being hailed as a hero after she saved a wheelchair user, who became trapped on railroad tracks, from an oncoming Union Pacific train with mere seconds to spare.
The heart-wrenching incident took place shortly before 9am local time on Wednesday. As Officer Erika Urrea of the Lodi Police Department was on patrol, she noticed a 66-year-old man in a wheelchair in some distress as the crossing barriers were coming down.

Without a second thought, the quick-thinking cop sprinted to free the man, making it from the steering wheel of her car to the man’s wheelchair in under 15 seconds, just enough time to drag him out of the way and save his life, as heart-stopping bodycam footage of the incident shows.

At the last second, Officer Urrea managed to pull the man to safety though, unfortunately, he suffered severe leg injuries caused by the speeding train. He was taken to hospital for emergency treatment but one of his legs had already been amputated in the incident, and the other was fractured.

Of course she couldn’t save the entire man.

This is what happens when you let women do men’s jobs.

In a similar situation, a male police officer would run faster and have significantly more upper body strength to quickly pull someone out of harm’s way.

The biological reality is that men are physically superior to women, so allowing women to work jobs that require an important level of physical involvement in order to prevent people from getting hurt is going to lead to people getting needlessly hurt.