Watch: Man Punches Vegan Woman After Activists with Loudspeakers Storm Restaurant in Brighton

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
September 30, 2019

Sometimes you’re minding your own business in a restaurant and trouble just comes knocking on your door with loudspeakers and stuff.

Daily Mail:

A male Pizza Express customer punched a female vegan activist in the face after a group of protesters stormed the restaurant in Brighton last night.

Footage of the incident shows the animal rights campaigners from Direct Action Everywhere (DxE) barging into the Italian chain carrying pictures of animals which said: ‘I want to live.’

One woman with a loudspeaker addressed the diners while others chanted, ‘It’s not food, it’s violence’ and, ‘Not your mum, not your milk.’

They sound like zombies chanting “it’s not food, it’s violence” on that video. It’s funny that they say that because using a loudspeaker indoors to interrupt random people’s meals and trying to shame them should be considered serious violence in this current year microaggression context.

Somehow, referring to a man who says that he’s a woman as a “he” is violence but yelling at people’s faces with loudspeakers inside of a restaurant isn’t.

A confrontation then develops between a man wearing a green jacket with a shaven head and a young woman.

The clearly agitated man confronts the protesters and tells them: ‘You’re scaring these people, f*** off now.’

He then pushes the woman who turns around to confront him, which causes him to punch her in the face.

As he strikes her, he appears to shout ‘punch’.

He meant to shout “FALCON PUNCH!”

Falcon-punching vegan women should be a sport.

This shouldn’t be that big of a deal. After all, we have equality now and women can go toe-to-toe with men and fight and be independent and do all kinds of empowering stuff.

What are you supposed to do, anyways? You paid for your food, you’re trying your best — life is tough. Then some random vegan banshee starts shouting things at you.

Are you supposed to just stand still and absorb the banshee’s screams in silence?

Is that the point we’re at right now?

Just let random weirdos interrupt your meal, scream at you and treat you as if you were an evil murderer because Violence is Never the Answer or whatever?