Watch: KKK Restaurant Security Sets Black Man on Fire With Taser After He Refused to Leave

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
February 3, 2019

Evil KKK restaurant staff literally setting a black man on fire for no reason other than pure hatred for the color of the skin. What a beautiful country.

The Sun:

THIS is the shocking moment a man caught fire after he was tasered outside a restaurant in Philadelphia.

Witness Pat Tackney, who filmed the incident, said he saw the man being confronted outside of Jim’s Steaks in the south of the US city.

Pat claims the man refused to leave the restaurant and was forcibly removed.

The video shows two men, thought to be security guards from the restaurant, use a stun gun on the unnamed man before his leg catches fire.

Now this is how you deal with uppity niggers.

In the old days you had to catch a nigger first before setting it on fire. Now after technology has given us a way to remotely set them on fire, it would be insane not to use it. We can have racist fire-setting guns now and there’s no apparent argument as to why we shouldn’t.

I don’t care if this particular incident happened because the nigger had previously spilled alcoholic beverages on his clothing or whatever. I don’t care if he was drunk or the reason why he was asked to leave the restaurant. Those are just minor details. We have to endorse the principle of what is portrayed here, which is setting blacks on fire for acting black.

It would be easy to mass produce “nigger-control” fire-setting guns. They’d need to shoot a highly flammable substance and do the electric spark thing tasers do. It would be a straight-forward modification of current stun guns, and it would provide a far cleaner and portable alternative to flamethrowers.

I don’t know about you, but the thought of easily setting nearby niggers on fire without having to touch them or stand very close to them certainly makes me sleep better at night.

You sleep better when relaxed.

Once every black around you is burned to death, you can relax.