Watch: Huge Protest in Melbourne Against Coronavirus Regime Power Grab

Australia might be down, but they’re not out.

This was extremely encouraging to see.


A large group of demonstrators gathered around the state parliament in Victoria, Australia to demand an end to a recently imposed vaccine mandate and protest a draft pandemic bill that would grant draconian powers to officials.

Photos and videos circulating on social media show a vast crowd outside Parliament House in Melbourne, the state capital, on Saturday, where activists were seen holding signs and placards – one reading “Sack Dan,” referring to state Premier Daniel Andrews.

Similar chants calling for Andrews’ resignation were also heard erupting from the crowd, while other slogans included: “End the mandates,” “Stop medical apartheid,” and “We need Bill of Rights!”

The controversial bill would amend a number of other laws if enacted, introducing the country’s steepest fines for non-compliance with health orders and even possible jail time. Anyone found to have deliberately breached a rule, and placed another person at risk in the process, could face up to two years in prison, while other rule-breakers could be fined up to AU$90,500 (US$68,000). Businesses found to be in violation face fines of AU$452,500, though the state government has vowed to impose the maximum penalties only “rarely.”

Introduced to parliament on Tuesday, the bill would also empower Victoria health officials to declare new states of emergency and reimpose lockdowns and other pandemic restrictions, drawing vocal condemnation from lockdown-weary residents.

In other words, the government is just outright declaring an absolute ability to control every person’s behavior on a personal level.

They will need machine intelligence to micro-manage a population to this degree.

But that is apparently the plan.

Enough is enough.

The people have had enough.

Let them go!

We must be free!

But seriously – I would advise Australians the same as I’ve advised Americans: get out of the cities.