Watch: Female Dancer Gets “THIS IS SPARTA!” Kicked for Making Provocative Moves in Pakistan

The famous “THIS IS SPARTA!” kick should be the standard, legal response of men when women attempt to gain power by exploiting male sexuality.

If men don’t control women, women control men, and Jews control women.

Daily Mail:

A woman was violently kicked by a man while dancing at an event in Pakistan.

The shocking attack which was caught on camera saw the woman kicked in the chest by the man who had reportedly taken issue with the way she was dancing.

The disturbing clip has since been shared widely online.

According to a Pakistani media report, the man justified his actions by saying: ‘It is not permissible for a girl to dance in front of others in this disgraceful way!

It is unclear whether the man faced repercussions.

Women, much like Jews, have no real power other than the ability to get others to do their bidding. Women accomplish this through the implication that they’ll somehow reward men with boobs and vagina, but the moment men realize that they don’t need the approval of women in order to gain access to boobs and vaginas is the moment women lose all of their power.

In this sense, also much like Jews, the power of women is an illusion.

The moment we realize that there is no good reason for Jews to be in our country, controlling our media and our government — that’s the moment they lose all of their power.

Jews know this, which is why they’re obsessed with shutting down any channel that would enable discussion of their presence and their actions.

They’ll label you an anti-Semite for wondering why do we need to do what Jews say just because they’re Jews, just like they’ll label you a misogynist for wondering why should you believe women just because they’re women.

If facts spread, our enemies lose.