Watch: Father Saves 11-Year-Old Daughter from Uruk-Hai Rapist

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
December 26, 2019

Steven Hasugulgum, 21

The above vibrant tourist tried to grab an 11-year-old girl and to break into her home.

Thankfully, her father was there to stop the Uruk-hai from prematurely enriching her.

Their body language shows a healthy father-daughter dynamic.

The video below features security camera footage from the encounter.

This kind of incident will become increasingly common as diversity increases.

Daily Mail:

Home surveillance video shows the terrifying moment a burglar who snuck into the home of a Florida family grabbed their 11-year-old girl on Christmas Eve.

Steven Hasugulgum, 21, was arrested by the Volusia Sheriff’s Office. Authorities say he is the intruder caught on camera breaking into a home in Ormond Beach before being chased away by the father.

In the video, Hasugulgum is seen walking slowly toward the back door of the family’s home, according to WOFL-TV.

As he approaches the door, an 11-year-old girl, Ava Kloepfer, is seen talking on her phone.

Hasugulgum approaches young Ava and begins to push her inside the home. He then tries to get Ava to keep quiet.

‘Hasugulgum approached her, put his finger to his lips and told her to “Shh”,’ the Sheriff’s Office said.

Ava’s father, Derrick Kloepfer, was also home at the time.

‘I hear her yelling, “Who are you?”,’ Kloepfer told WESH-TV.

‘I walk out there, and there’s a guy standing there next to my daughter and looking scared.’

Kloepfer is seen in the video chasing Hasugulgum out of the home. He then calls the police.

‘My nerves kind of went on the edge,’ the worried father said.

‘It was pretty nerve-wracking. I was really worried about my daughter and what was going on there.’

Realistically speaking, if her father wasn’t there, she’d have been brutally raped and most likely also brutally murdered by the brown creature.

Ava Kloepfer was lucky enough to have been rescued by her father this time, but will her father always be home to protect her? What about all the girls whose fathers aren’t home?

Deputies say Hasugulgum tried to burglarize another home a few blocks away after he was chased out of the Kloepfer residence.

A woman who lives inside the other home also managed to chase him away by activating the car panic alarm.

Law enforcement officials arrived shortly afterward to Kloepfer’s street and arrested Hasugulgum. The suspect was identified to authorities by Kloepfer.

‘My daughter is feeling safer now, so I’m happy,’ Kloepfer said.

Authorities say Hasugulgum is a resident of Daytona Beach. He has citizenship from the Federated States of Micronesia.

If you’re asking yourself why is he in America, then consider the benefits of having people like him around.

I mean, I can’t give you an example right now — but I’m sure there are at least some benefits to having him around. There must be, right? Why else would these creatures be everywhere?

In order to secure the enrichment of our society at the hands of these rape aficionados while also securing our daughters from these same rape aficionados, we have to pass laws to stop fathers from working.

Once all fathers are home to welcome and protect their daughters, we’ll get the cultural enrichment without the cultural enrichment rape.