Watch: Excited Japanese School Girls Call Prince Harry “Handsome,” He Flashes His Wedding Ring to Remind Them He’s Married to an Ape

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
November 4, 2019

His Cheddar Ape wife doesn’t react like that to his presence though.

I guess that some people will say that most of those high school girls had plastic surgery done.

Daily Mail:

Prince Harry was seen playfully warding off admirers by flashing his wedding ring after a Japanese schoolgirl gushed over the ‘handsome’ royal.

The Duke of Sussex, 35, paid a flying solo visit to Japan to watch the Rugby World Cup final yesterday, leaving wife Meghan Markle, 35, and son Archie Harrison at home.

But it seems Meghan was on his mind throughout the trip, with the royal playfully gesturing to his wedding ring when a Japanese schoolgirl called him ‘handsome’.

In a clip posted to the Royal Family Twitter account, Prince Harry can be seen playfully wagging his finger at the group following the compliment.

If he was going to turn his back on his people and marry an outsider, couldn’t he at least have chosen one with redeeming qualities — like a Japanese woman — instead of a primitive-skinned ape?

Japan even has actual princesses he could have married, and if for some reason he wanted to do the “marrying a commoner” thing, at least Japanese women are actually excited to be in the presence of white men. And all of them are prettier than Meghan.

Just compare Her Apeness there with any of the Japanese teenage girls seen around Harry in the video.

Ahead of the match, the 35-year-old visited the Nippon Foundation Para Arena, in Tokyo, where he chatted with students.

In the short clip, Prince Harry posed for a photograph with the schoolgirls, as they waved Union flags, before one can be seen gesturing to his wedding ring and calling him ‘handsome’.

The Duke bashfully smiles and gestures to his own wedding ring before shrugging and waving to the group as he heads on to his next engagement.

While the Duke was in Japan for the match, Meghan was believed to be watching at home with baby Archie, who the royal’s said would don an England rugby shirt for the big game.

Harry could have chosen any young woman.

He could have chosen a beautiful teenage white woman or at the very least, a cute teenage Japanese woman that would’ve been thrilled to be in his presence, but he decided to humiliate his people by marrying an ape. And an ape who hates his family and won’t even cooperate with basic, normal human behaviors. Every single British tabloid is filled with stories every week about how this prehistoric relic of the past acts totally weird and anti-social.

The interesting thing about this clip of him in Japan though is that the main reason Japanese women are so excited around him isn’t that he’s royalty but that he’s a white man.

Males from all around the world crave white women.

But white women are up in arms the moment you remind them that women from some parts of the world are really into white men.

This isn’t even just about personal relationships. This is about international relationships too.

Why are we interacting with blacks, browns and other protohumans that HATE us when we could be teaming up with the Asian people that look up to us?

Imagine what we could be building if we didn’t have hordes of browns and blacks in our countries.

Imagine what we could be developing and achieving if Japan was our actual Greatest Ally.