Watch: Diverse-Skinned Primate Thugs Brutally Enrich Brooklyn Man After He Relaxed Around Blacks

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
May 14, 2019

We should be ashamed of ourselves. All of those slavery and colonialism things we did to blacks and people of color were so terrible that they’re still very angry about it to this day, and they can’t help but randomly attack people to reclaim ill-gotten riches that reek of picked cotton and black tears.

Daily Mail:

Surveillance video has captured the sickening moment a New York City man was  violently set upon by five youths in a brazen, broad daylight attack.

Ken Wong, 38, was making his way home in the Cypress Hills neighborhood of Brooklyn on Friday afternoon, before he was ambushed by the group of strangers, who slashed his head and stomped on him.

At the beginning of the surveillance footage, Wong can be seen walking along unsuspectingly before the thugs pounce in order to steal his credit card.

One of the suspects – clad in a red bandanna – sneaks up and slashes Wong in the back of the skull, before another punches him in the face.

Wong collapses to the ground, but the group continues their violent attack by stomping on him.

They then rifle through the pocket of Wong’s jacket and take his wallet, before fleeing the scene.

Credit card information reveals that Wong’s assailants spent up big at McDonald’s following their sickening attack.

They splurged $200 on meals at the fast food franchise, before treating themselves to more food at a nearby Dunkin Donuts.

If blacks and other people of color didn’t do this, they wouldn’t be able to eat because we never taught them anything other than cotton picking, and now there’s no more cotton for them to pick.

We caused this problem.

They’re just doing the only thing they know how to do.

Just look at them.

What can creatures with such faces do other than violently assault innocent people at random?

It’s not their fault they were born that way. Probably.

It’s our fault for letting them into our lands.

They’re just jungle creatures.

We should know better.