Watch: Disgusting Fat Woman Cries After Gym Kicks Her Out for Showing Her Hanging Fat Rolls

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That stupid bitch should have known better than to show her fat ass all sloppy like that.

Sluts have no shame and I can’t wait for them to all die from the vaxx.

Daily Mail:

A distraught mother-of-one has slammed her local gym for ‘fat-shaming’ her after she was thrown out of the venue for ‘showing her belly’ in a sports bra and high-waisted leggings.

Shelby Rodriguez, 26, from Alberta, Canada, filmed herself breaking down in tears while recounting the ’embarrassing’ incident in a viral TikTok video, explaining that she was told to leave the workout facility mid-way through a workout – despite being given permission by a staff member to wear her stomach-baring outfit.

The mother-of-one, who began documenting her weight-loss journey in March, was told upon her arrival at the gym that her outfit violated the dress code, which prohibits crop tops, but she said that the receptionist gave her permission to workout in the ensemble on this one occasion.

However, 15 minutes after she started her workout, Shelby was ordered to leave the gym by its program coordinator.

‘So, I just went to the gym and the lady at the front desk said that they have a policy that you’re not allowed to wear sports bras to the gym, that you “can’t be showing your belly,”‘ a sobbing Shelby explained in her video.

‘She said, “It’s fine for this time but just so you know for next time.”‘

Shelby then shared footage of her outfit, revealing that she was wearing a pair of black high-waisted leggings with a matching sports bra, which left less than an inch of stomach on display.

‘So I was like, OK that’s fine, and I went to do my workout,’ the mom-of-one continued. ‘I’m 15 minutes in on the treadmill and the program coordinator came up to me and asked me to leave.

I’m so embarrassed.’

Bitch, your emotions should be deeper than “embarrassed.”

You should feel deep self-loathing.

You are a worthless human being.

In fact, you are much worse than worthless. You have negative value, as your very existence hurts the world.

Here’s another fat bitch crying weaponized white woman tears.

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When I see a woman crying I don’t feel bad for her. I know she’s trying to manipulate me, and I just want to punch her in her stupid fat face.

This other dumb fat whore got a write-up in the Daily Mail, which apparently is serving the role of tabloid TikTok Fat Watch.

I salute their vigilance.

Daily Mail:

A body-positive bartender who is recovering from an eating disorder has opened up about how customers’ treatment of her has changed since she began gaining weight, sharing a heartbreaking video in which she is seen sobbing while sharing her experiences.

Cassidy Lane, 28, from Iowa, took to TikTok to respond to another user’s question about ‘pretty privilege’, explaining that she has a unique perspective on it as someone who ‘had pretty privilege and is now fat’.

Cassidy Lane

‘So I work in the service industry right, I’m a bartender,’ she began her clip. ‘And if you are unaware, the way you look influences it a lot. Whether that’s tips or how people treat you… it just does.’

The bartender went on to share how her ‘whole life changed’ when she began recovering from her eating disorder, saying: ‘When I tell you that my whole life changed when I started getting help for my eating disorder which resulted in weight gain after the pandemic…’

Breaking down in tears, Cassidy detailed the ways in which customers’ behavior towards her began to change in light of her weight gain, revealing that once-friendly interactions became cold and unkind, while admitting that some people – ‘especially men’ – don’t even look her straight in the eye.

I really didn’t expect this to make me cry but, people don’t even look you in the eye anymore, they’re not nice to you, especially men,’ a tearful Cassidy relayed.

Understand: this goes beyond the fact that she is simply less attractive when fat.

What a fat person is telling the world, by being fat, is that they only care about themselves. They feel no obligation, whatsoever, to society. They exist only to satiate their base lusts.

So why should she deserve eye contact? Why should she deserve to be treated as anything other than a repulsive parasite?

This bitch was already fat by the standards of normal humans, but she wasn’t happy because she could only stuff her stupid fat face with food 23 hours per day instead of 24 hours per day.

She makes memes of herself about how she’s happy because all she does is eat.

A man could never even begin to partially grasp the level of narcissism that exists within women.

Every woman on earth believes that the entire world exists for no other reason than to serve her. She cannot ever possibly grasp the concept of basic personal responsibility for her behavior, let alone social responsibility.

People will claim that this is a “sexist” website. That we “hate women.”

What people will not ever do is give an example of a woman who does not believe she is the center of the universe. They will not give an example of a woman that takes responsibility for her actions.

No one will ever show you a woman who says “the problems in my life are a result of poor decisions that I made.”

Understand this: it is not just every woman you have ever known, and not just every woman who is in the public eye: it is every single woman on earth.

A woman is totally incapable of grasping the idea that it is possible for her to do something wrong.